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ZND drive 189% uplift in conversion rate

ZND know the best way to manage a crowd, their temporary fencing and barriers have been used in some of the World’s biggest events and projects and they’re on a steep growth curve.
However, when that crowd is on their website, controlling the message becomes a bit more difficult.


conversion rate uplift


bounce rate reduction

The Challenge

With markets globally, some new and emerging and customers within a diverse range of verticals the team could see that the generic message on their website was impacting their ability to connect with customers and convert. They struggled to:

Show prospects they're in good company
Speaking to buyers they already know

The goal was simple, increase onsite conversion and lead volume from existing customers in new territories when they hit the website.

ZND were already campaigning to these valuable new decision makers and needed their website to work harder to convert them when they got there. What they weren’t expecting is how hard it would work for such little effort on their part.

Opportunity in the US for ZND had already proven big, with quick wins delivered through cross selling into the US arms of their top European customers.

The initiative was working but ZND needed their website to step up and give US buyers within leading enterprise customers a good reason to choose them.

Our Solution

ZND identified their largest existing European accounts and segmented them as opportunities to upsell to their USA counterparts. A new ABM audience was created in Webeo which meant each of these businesses got a much more relevant and high tailored message when they visited the website.

Previously ZND had only been able to do this through landing pages which meant it was hit and miss whether a prospect saw them. Now the main website could deliver the same level of personalization.

Using Webeo visitor insight, ZND established their highest impact and intent pages: home page, product page and pricing page.

With Webeo’s Pardot integration, they were able to match a visitor to the ABM segment in their Pardot instance and serve a personalized experience to them when they hit the website.

Personalization in action

ZND made significant changes to their homepage to ensure the online experience truly magnified that they are already working successfully in partnership with their UK office.

This achieved two things:


It demonstrated the long-standing trust that had been built between their UK counterparts and ZND, highlighting they are familiar with their business and the way they work


It activated interest from the USA teams of existing clients, leading to increased MQL’s for sales

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

ZND Homepage with personalization

To create an instant connection, the headline was changed to immediately recognize the buyer and their business

ZND demonstrated a fast understanding of the buyer’s needs using insight on the customer’s purchase history to personalize the subheading, only focusing on products they were buying rather than the wider ZND range

Providing reassurance, a new section was added reinforcing ZND’s manufacturing presence in the US as a local supplier

For each ABM account, a case study was created showcasing the work ZND was doing with the organization’s European counterpart – this provided an important layer of social proof

The result

ZND maximised the opportunity for customer cross-sell on the website, their creative use of personalization engaged additional decision makers in alternative geo locations which improved their onsite conversion. They leveraged the data through their MA platform Pardot to segment their website audience and served best practice MA personalizations to target ABM customers to drive growth.

Maximised cross-sell opportunities, increased conversion rates and successful customer growth


conversion rate uplift


bounce rate reduction

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