Gender Pay Gap - Webeo

Gender Pay Gap Report

Webeo’s gender pay gap is influenced by the technology sector in which it operates and as a result, many applicants for senior roles in the business are received from males. This increases the average male pay at the company compared to average female pay.

Webeo is committed to equal opportunities and conducts interviews with suitable candidates irrespective of gender. The company offers equal pay regardless of gender, and is confident that the basic salaries and variable pay rates offered for equivalent roles are identical for males and females.

UK Pay and Bonus Gap
Proportion of UK employees receiving a bonus:
Female – 47.6%
Male – 35.9%

Mean 20.8%
Median 9.1%

Mean 62.3%
Median 51.0%

UK Employees According to Quartile Pay Bands
Top Quartile
20% Female
80% Male

Upper Middle Quartile
43% Female
57% Male

Lower Middle Quartile
33% Female
67% Male

Lower Quartile
47% Female
53% Male