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Regpack achieve 156% conversion uplift using behavioral personalization for the camp industry

Regpack is an international software company that supports over 10,000 organizations worldwide to register applicants quickly and effectively through their online registration, payment, and user management systems.

Regpack has saved clients more than $300 million by enabling them to optimize their registration processes. But although Regpack's software has a universal benefit, its application is very different across each of the verticals they work with and equally the value proposition is very different for a non-profit compared to a subscripton based saas organization.


Conversion uplift


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The Challenge

Regpack’s goal was to increase their onsite conversion rates by driving more engagement from their existing website traffic.

Demonstrate they were the industry experts

They wanted to demonstrate from the moment a prospect hits their website that they are industry experts by aligning the solution to the website visitors industry.

Our Solution

Regpack built a behavioral campaign focused on the camp industry. Some niche industries aren’t defined by SIC codes, so Regpack used behavioral personalization to recognize when camps visited their website.

To qualify the visitor into the camp industry campaign, Regpack built 3 different audiences – businesses who have visited specific camp pages previously, visitors who have come from a specific PPC campaign focused on camps, and businesses who come onto the site from review sites focused on camps.

Personalization in action

Regpack then made subtle changes to their headline, supporting copy, imagery, and CTA’s across 15 pages to ensure that visitors from the camp industry had a seamless, relevant journey across their whole site and not just the homepage.

This achieved two things:


It provided the reassurance and social proof to the buyer that Regpack serves businesses like them


It increased MQL’s for sales through more demo requests.

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Regpack Personalized Homepage

Headline updated to include personal message to Camp visitors – suggesting that by using Regpack the visitor can focus more on their campers with Regpack’s registration software

Banner image changed to a more relevant, Camp specific image

Logos updated to clients that Regpack already serve in the Camps sector, providing social proof to the prospect

Imagery and content updated down the page to reassure the visitor that Regpack works with businesses like them

The result

Regpack used AB testing so they could have a clear understanding of the success of their personalized experiences vs non-personalized experiences. The test quickly proved that the personalized experience was delivering more demo requests than their generic site. 

In this campaign alone they delivered an additional 6 demo requests in one month.


Conversion uplift


Additional demos

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