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Regpack drive 400% conversion uplift

Regpack is an international software company that supports over 10,000 organizations worldwide to register applicants quickly and effectively through their online registration, payment, and user management systems.

Regpack has saved clients more than $300 million by enabling them to optimize their registration processes. But although Regpack's software has a universal benefit, its application is very different across each of the verticals they work with and equally the value proposition is very different for a non-profit compared to a subscripton based saas organisation.


conversion uplift

The Challenge

Regpack’s goal was to increase their onsite conversion rates by driving more engagement from their existing website traffic.

Demonstrate they were the industry experts

They wanted to demonstrate from the moment a prospect hits their website that they are industry experts by aligning the solution to the website visitors industry.

Our Solution

A sizeable portion of Regpack’s website traffic is organic and unlike website visitors generated from their other marketing channels, this audience was being presented with a generic experience, rather than a tailored one.

To rectify this a simple campaign was set up for organic website visitors, using IP data to identify which industry the website visitor is from and personalizing the content to be relevant for their sector.

Having worked hard on defining the value proposition for each of their verticals through conversations with customers, sales and prospects it made sense to translate this on the website.

Key messaging focused on highlighting the fact that Regpack are experts in the visitors specific industry and are already working with many clients that look just like them.

Personalization in action

Regpack worked with their Webeo Customer Success Manager to identify the web pages that had the most footfall, most conversions and highest bounce rate to establish the biggest growth opportunities to keep customers engaged and sticky when they hit the site. They selected six pages including the homepage, pricing page and demo request page to make subtle, but significant industry personalizations.

This achieved two things:


It provided the reassurance and social proof to the buyer that they are in the right place with a solution to support their specific needs.


It increased MQL’s for sales through more demo requests.

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Regpack Homepage with personalization

Headline focused on the industry visiting the website, demonstrating they are experts in that field

Banner imagery updated to reflect the sector visiting and mirror how Regpack can support them

Logos updated to clients they already serve in that sector, providing social proof to prospects

Additional imagery updated to reflect the sector visiting the site

The result

Regpack learnt that simple changes create big results, personalization doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming, how to leveraging IP data to segment website audiences by industry from organic traffic. Best practice use of experimentation; A/B testing proves statistically significant results. How to build straightforward personalization to engage existing website prospects and increase conversion rates.

When serving personalization to visitors from key verticals, Regpack saw an increase in conversion of 400%


conversion uplift

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