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Moorepay increase conversion by 133% for the Healthcare industry

Moorepay (part of the Zellis group) is the leading supplier of payroll and HR solutions in the UK, with a customer base of 10,000 clients. They are award-winning and committed to delivering a reliable and comprehensive service to businesses large and small. 
After a recent acquisition, resulting in multiple company updates, they decided to launch a new website. The goal was to continue to increase onsite conversion from their most valuable website visitors.


Increase in conversion


Increase in time onsite

The Challenge

They provide payroll solutions to a range of sectors. Before Moorepay became a Webeo customer, their website was generic and included an overload of information, in an attempt to serve multiple sectors at the same time. They recognized this wasn’t the most effective way to target their ICP and knew to increase conversion rate they needed to make some changes. Using Webeo they wanted to:

Increase onsite conversion from their most valuable website visitors
Present the right information to each target sector

They started by focusing on the healthcare sector as they knew this was an industry they were particularly successful in.

Our Solution

As part of Webeo’s concierge service for customers – where our in-house B2B marketing experts use their insight, plus personalization best practice to increase onsite conversion for customers within their key target audiences – we created a campaign focused on the healthcare sector.

We analyzed the key pages healthcare visitors looked at on the Moorepay website and concentrated on building personalized experiences on those pages. We pulled relevant social proof and examples of Moorepay’s clients from within the sector so the right information was easy to find.

We focused our attention on the areas of the page that would have the biggest impact – and updated the content across the entire page to show the visitor that Moorepay are experts in their sector, understand their pain points and nuances, and can provide the relevant services they need.

Personalization in action

This achieved two things:


The personalized experience ran across 11 pages of the Moorepay website, so the personalized experience remained consistent throughout


Moorepay saw a huge increase of 133% in onsite conversion for their healthcare prospects

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Moorepay homepage with personalization

Updated headline and subtext, specifically referencing that Moorepay work with healthcare professionals. Language like ‘easy’ is used to reassure the healthcare industry and tell them what partnering with Moorepay would be like

Social proofing updated above the fold to show experience working with clients in the healthcare industry

Healthcare specific case studies swapped in – so visitors can understand what the journey has been like for companies and decision makers who look the same as them

Image updated from generic office image to specific healthcare image

Bullet points updated to specifically talk about how Moorepay’s solutions could benefit healthcare providers

The result

Moorepay wanted the journey to be consistent for every healthcare visitor. With our concierge team and Moorepay aligned, they extended the campaign to 11 pages, with each page having personalizations above and below the fold.

This meant that wherever their healthcare prospects navigated to they were always served with a personalized experience.


Increase in conversion


Increase in time onsite

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