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Just Eat for Business achieve 811% uplift in onsite conversion for technology sector

Just Eat for Business serves the B2B community as a leading food delivery service, predominantly in London, and is on a growth trajectory to scale, fast.
Just Eat for Business wanted to provide a red-carpet customer experience to the technology sector, helping them to immediately see Just Eat for Business as the perfect service provider for them.


Increase in onsite conversion


Increase in average time on site

The Challenge

The goal for Just Eat for Business was simple, to achieve 100% uplift in onsite conversion.

Increase onsite conversion
Drive more sales
Become the leading food provider in the tech industry

Just Eat for Business wanted to design a personalized experience that showed website visitors in the technology sector social proof that they already worked with lots of businesses like them and that they understand their wants and needs.

Our Solution

Using Webeo’s IP business database, Just Eat for Business were able to to create a campaign in order to serve the technology industry personalization’s when they land on the Just Eat for Business website.

To maximize these personalized online journeys for prospects and customers, Just Eat for Business always personalize their homepage and a further two pages that receive high traffic.

Plus they optimize their personalization’s on a monthly basis, ensuring they’re continuously learning and improving activity.

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Personalization in action

Just Eat for Business made some small, but impactful changes to their homepage to ensure the online experience for website visitors from the technology sector was relevant. These changes were evaluated using Webeo’s AB testing tool to measure success.


Demonstrate Just Eat for Business takes working with the technology sector very seriously, building out specific, tailored online journeys to ensure the needs of this vertical were met


Prove through a test and learn approach that personalization activated additional opportunities and sales,


Gain actionable insight into what personalization’s have the most impact

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

JustEat for Business homepage with personalization Open large image

To create an instant connection, the headline was changed to welcome the specific business to the website on the homepage

Further down the page Just Eat for Business updated their social proof of happy existing customers in the visitor’s sector, demonstrating they work with businesses just like them

The result

They learned that small changes make a big impact with website visitors appreciating being shown relevant content, increasing their likelihood to convert. By leveraging Webeo’s IP database and AB testing tool, they were able to deliver a best-in-class experience for prospects.

These simple changes resulted in a huge 811% uplift in onsite conversion for the technology sector


Increase in onsite conversion


Increase in average time on site

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