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Cerba Research saw 100% conversion rate uplift for Paid Search campaigns

With a fully integrated marketing strategy dedicated to winning business within two key sectors, Cerba Research understands the value of personalization and have personalized experiences built for most prospects coming to their website from all traffic sources. After looking at the conversion from each source, they decided to focus on further increasing their conversion rate for paid search activity.
Cerba Research, part of Cerba Healthcare are a leading player in medical diagnosis, supporting drug development by leveraging patient data and scientific insight to optimize research, development, and commercialization globally.


Conversion uplift

The Challenge

Cerba Research partner with two key industries, pharma and biotech, but these sectors face very different challenges, with five different buyer persona’s in each sector with unique needs.

Drive ROI from Paid Search activity

Frustrated with industry average conversion rates for their PPC activity, Cerba Research needed to simplify the B2B buyer journey to convert more of this high intent traffic visiting their site.

Our Solution

With increasingly complex B2B buying cycles and additional decision-makers becoming involved in the buying process, Cerba Research recognized to maximize ROI from paid search, landing pages were no longer going to cut it.

Cerba Research chose to build tailored online journeys for their paid search campaigns, prioritizing the campaigns that generate the most traffic, enabling them to capitalize on high-intent prospects.

Cerba Research did not initially plan to use personalization for paid search activity, but when they saw the impact tailored, relevant content had on the rest of their marketing channels, it became a no-brainer to use personalization for this channel too.

Personalization in action

They started broad with their first campaign, focusing on referencing the company name and the industry of the visitor and how Cerba Research can help them specifically. Then they went narrow, by creating campaigns focused on specific keyword searches and making the entire online experience relevant to those keywords.

This achieved two things:


An extremely relevant, highly tailored online experience for high-intent prospects searching for their solutions


Increased MQL’s for sales

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Cerba Research Personalized

Headline focused on keyword search term so it’s relevant an the prospect knows they are in the right place

CTA is brought further forward in the online journey as Cerba Research know the prospect is looking for this service and is likely to be further along in their buying journey

Supporting copy reinforces Cerba Research as experienced in this field, by highlighting they provide these services and matching what the visitor searched for

Subtle copy changes throughout keeps the content super relevant to the search term and ensures the prospect has instant access to the information they need

The result

They learned to go wide first with paid search campaigns by creating personalization’s that focus on the company name, industry, and prioritizing key information for that sector. Then identified keyword search terms that drive the most traffic and create a personalized, relevant experience based on the term they searched for.

Focusing on creating an entire personalized online journey, rather than one-page experiences increased their conversion by 100%


Conversion uplift

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