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Acumatica achieve a 3x conversion uplift using behavioral personalization

Acumatica are a global provider of cloud ERP solutions, delivering a real-time view of their client’s businesses anytime and anywhere.
Acumatica are no stranger to the power of a highly relevant experience, their customizable product means they have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the ERP space. 


Increase in onsite conversion

The Challenge

Acumatica’s goal was to increase website conversions by 20-25% through the use of Webeo. They recognized that the complex nature of their buying process meant prospects were returning to the website multiple times during their journey.

Generate demand
Nurture pipeline
Retain existing customers

To support them, Acumatica used behavioral personalization, helping the prospect as they moved through the funnel in order to convert more of them faster.

Our Solution

Acumatica wanted to address each stage of the funnel from a behavioral perspective. They started with first time returning visitors who had interacted across multiple pages of the site during the first visit.

Knowing that these visitors had an established level of interest in their product, Acumatica wanted to ensure their next visit reinforced the reasons to choose them and worked hard to make this happen.

Personalization in action

Focusing above the fold, Acumatica personalized the key elements that would resonate and capture the buyer’s attention as soon as they hit the site. Messaging recognized the fact the visitor was further in their consideration process, focusing on Acumatica’s leadership status and increasing the urgency to convert with time sensitive offers.


It demonstrated Acumatica recognized the customer and wanted to help them take their next steps.


It focused on the next best action, asking the customer if they were ready to book a demo yet or would prefer to look at some more content.

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Acumatica Homepage with personalization

Headline focused on the efficiency benefits of working with the leader in the cloud ERP space

Updated CTA to ask if they are ready for a demo now

New CTA focused on time sensitive offers to encourage conversion now

Product focused content to encourage engagement and reinforce why Acumatica is the right choice

The result

What got them the results? Focus on acknowledging the buyer and helping them on where to go next. Shift from “Why ERP” message to “Why Acumatica” message. Using CTA’s to increase time sensitivity and adjusting content to encourage the “Next best action”.

Acumatica achieved a huge 210% increase in on site conversion


Increase in onsite conversion

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