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Dotdigital increase conversion by 174%

As Dotdigital say on their website, being customer first is essential and their platform certainly lives up to this expectation. Dotdigital delivers powerful digital experiences for customers of some of the World’s leading brands with their data driven cross channel marketing solution.


Having set the marketing bar with their own product, demands of the Dotdigital marketing team are equally as high and a one size fits all website just doesn’t cut it.


increase in onsite conversion

The Challenge

The marketing automation space is a crowded one but Dotdigital has an edge in a number of key verticals – retail being one of them. While this message came across loud and clear in their below the line activity, the website wasn’t converting enough retail buyers and as one of their most profitable segments this needed to change….FAST.

Make priority segments feel like a priority
Focus on the journey

In order to drive up conversion from retail buyers and keep them engaged Dotdigital knew they had to give them the information that was important to them as soon as they hit the website. Their clear expertize in this sector would give them an edge, yet they recognized they weren’t shouting loud enough about it. With site traffic continuing to grow but conversion relatively static, personalization was a way to move the needle.

Dotdigital wanted to address retail prospects across the whole journey, not just on the first experience or landing page. Therefore it was important that however they moved through the site, that they felt like Dotdigital was focused on their particular needs and they were driven to the next best action at every stage. The goal was to keep them on the site longer and move them through the funnel faster.

Our Solution

Using Google Analytics and Webeo firmographic insight data, Dotdigital were able to identify the pages of the website that had the highest retail traffic and most opportunity to influence ecommerce buyers throughout their journey. These included the homepage, demo request page, pricing and solutions pages.

These pages were then personalized based on Dotdigital’s value proposition for retail. Using Webeo’s firmographic data Dotdigital built an audience which identified organizations from the retail sector as soon as they hit the site.

Personalization in action

Dotdigital wanted to prove that serving personalized experiences tailored to retail would provide a significant uplift in conversion while ensuring that if a customer received one personalized experience, they would continue in a retail personalized journey throughout their visit.


Setting up a personalized campaign with connected experiences meant Dotdigital could feel confident of delivering a consistent journey.


Using Webeo’s experiment functionality Dotdigital were able to run an AB test to effectively measure the uplift personalization delivered.

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Dotdigital homepage with personalization

To create a instant connection the headline has been changed to focus on retail benefits and their business

Retail specific solutions were shown to drive the buyer further into the site and increase demo requests

Imagery has been changed to focus on retail to reassure buyers they were in the right place

Social proof was used throughout to reassure buyers they were in the right place

The result

From serving personalization on multiple pages, Dotdigital saw 174% uplift in their onsite conversion

They also learn how to identify their most valuable segments first and prioritize their experience. To focus on the pages in the journey that are most important to them based on traffic and the typical conversion journey. Keep messaging consistent throughout, the more personalized pages the better and reinforce personalized headlines with relevant imagery.


increase in onsite conversion

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