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How to get the most out of your CRM integrations

Bryn Rainford

By, Bryn Rainford
Customer Success Manager at Webeo

In 2023 it was announced that there are now over 15,000 Marketing Technology solutions on the market, with 376 new products launching in 2022! Marketers now have the challenge of picking the right tech stack to fit their needs and most importantly, get them working in tandem with each other. Integrations have become the norm for most tech companies, and Webeo is no different, but getting the most from these connections and empowering your marketing team to create impactful campaigns is now the latest challenge they face. At Webeo, we integrate with a wide variety of tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce etc. but the key question customers are asking us is ‘How do I get the most out of them?’. Luckily in this blog, I’ll be going over some website personalization top tips and the campaigns you can set up to use the data you’re getting from your CRM to create a better experience for those visiting your website.

Prospect data

Marketers will spend time and budget setting up outbound campaigns to their prospect database but when they visit your website, they get a standard experience that isn’t tailored to them or their challenges. Instead, try using the database as an audience in Webeo so you can continue the journey on the website, showing them relevant and informative content that relates to what they’ve already seen. For example, if you are trying to drive webinar or event signups, create a website experience that also promotes this so that each touchpoint is consistent with the messages you’re sending them.

Sales and pipeline data

Many companies we work with often have sales cycles of 6-12 months, meaning contacts can often be in contact with sales but not being actively marketed to anymore. This doesn’t mean they’re not visiting your website to do more research or get more information on what they need, so why not make sure the experience they receive is tailored to where they are in the buyer’s funnel? Pushing case studies to the homepage and even including the contact details of their assigned Sales rep can go a long way to getting the deal over the line.

Webeo editor: creating an experience using our Salesforce integration

Webeo editor: creating an experience using our Salesforce integration

This also works for companies that use lead scoring and other lifecycle stage metrics. You can give them a better experience based on where they are in the sales funnel, such as If they have a low lead score (top of the funnel), share thought leadership content, and change the language on your pages to be about learning more, understanding the products and how it can benefit them. For high lead score (mid to bottom of the funnel), share case studies and product-related content with the language being more direct and pushing them to convert.

Customer data

Once someone becomes a customer, what they need from your website completely changes. It’s about getting useful information that’s going to help them get more from the products or services they buy from you or even getting to your customer portal much more easily.

You can also create experiences for lapsed customers that return to your website. They already know who you are and what you do, so your website should reflect this with language changes or even battle cards to show why your product/service is the best on the market. Using phrases like ‘Welcome back’ or ‘Ready to work with us again?’ are subtle, but eye-catching to this audience and could be the difference in them working with you again.

As we know, there’s a huge pool of Marketing Technology solutions available, but it’s vital you choose the right combination of tech for your company’s needs, that work together to create an unforgettable experience for your prospects and customers.

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