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Webeo’s 2024 Website Personalization Report

Emily Vousden

By, Emily Vousden
at Webeo

Everyone likes to be treated like a VIP, and more and more B2B businesses are levelling up their marketing strategies by rolling out the red carpet for potential buyers. It’s impossible to greet every website visitor with a digital glass of champagne, but you can give them the same feeling with personalized experiences that speak directly to their needs and goals. A recent report by McKinsey found that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% even feel frustrated when businesses fail to do so. As a consequence, 69% of business leaders are increasing their investment in personalization, and 98% of B2B marketers say that effective personalization improves customer relationships and increases prospect conversions. 

Let’s explore some benefits and success stories of B2B website personalization campaigns that will inspire a fresh marketing approach and help you add that special personal touch. 

What is B2B website personalization?

You’ve probably invested time and money into building a top-class website. But there’s still one lingering problem: You can’t please ‘em all. 

No matter how slick your website is, the fact remains that your target audience has diverse requirements, expectations, and goals. It’s impossible to create one static website that effectively engages every industry, persona, and segment. 

B2B website personalization enables you to give your buyers the best experience every time they land on your website. It works by identifying each visitor and then adjusting content in real time to serve personalized experiences at scale. You can change pretty much everything on your site pages, from the copy to the images. 

The great thing about website personalization is that it is a scalable and adaptable strategy for conversion rate optimization. As industry expert Haley Carpenter emphasized to Webeo CEO Kirsty Dawe in a recent episode of The B2B Conversion Podcast, ‘Every business can do CRO, from startups to huge enterprises, it’s just at what level and what pieces you can do. But there’s always something you can do. 

How are brands using website personalization in 2024?

We asked our customers how B2B website personalization positively impacts their marketing strategy this year. Here’s what they had to say… 


1. Improves user experience:

69% of respondents say the impact on user experience is the number one benefit of website personalization. It helps you ensure users see and engage with relevant content that addresses their needs. Awesome UX keeps visitors on your site for longer and reduces bounce rates, helping you achieve higher conversions and turn even casual website visitors into interested customers. 


2. Helps customers find relevant content:

Creating a dedicated webpage for industries, personas, or other target audience segments is a good first step in providing relevant content for visitors. But there’s one lingering problem: Are visitors actually clicking on the right pages? Our data often suggests that the answer is ‘no’. So, it’s no surprise that 46% of our respondents say helping customers find relevant content is a huge benefit of B2B website personalization.  


3. Moves prospects through the funnel faster:

For 38% of our respondents, moving prospects through the sales funnel faster ticks the biggest box is the most valuable benefit of B2B website personalization using Webeo. Capturing customers more quickly streamlines the customer journey and enables your business to generate more high-quality leads. In fact, 62% of business leaders say they see improved customer retention thanks to their personalization efforts, and recent data from McKinsey found that personalized experiences can reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%. 


Ultimately, moving customers through the sales funnel using B2B website personalization is all about great timing. As CRO expert Daniel Jones explained in a recent episode of The B2B Conversion Podcast, ‘A go-to tactic [is] identifying where [the] drop-off points are in your customer funnel. You [can] look at whether people are going through from the homepage to features to products to demo to completion, and you [can] spot the drop-off point in your customer journey.’ Once you identify the sweet spot, you know where to start implementing website personalization tactics.  


Conversion rate success across the board

Our clients have had a flying start to 2024, serving up more personalized experiences than ever and skyrocketing conversions with Webeo’s B2B website personalization. 

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing client: 5 event campaigns saw a 345% increase in conversion rate.
  • Software Development client: 12 campaigns launched with an average of 6 experiences per campaign.
  • Utility Client: 13 new campaigns within weeks of launching their new site.
  • Software Development client: 23% of matched traffic were served a personalized experience.
  • Technology client: 38% of matched traffic were served a personalized experience.
  • IT Services and Consulting client: 40% uplift in conversion rate across Q4 2023 and Q1 2024.
  • Human Resources client: 7 new industry campaigns were launched, achieving a conversion 375% uplift.
  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing client: £1m+ in revenue gained from personalized experiences.
  • Market Research client: 161% increase in time on site and 81% boost in pages per visit.
  • Software client: 1.66% conversion rate equating to 558 content downloads


Client spotlight: Onspring sees a 330% leap in conversions after one month of Webeo

Let’s zoom in on one client in particular – Onspring, a process automation solution that supports governance, risk, compliance requirements, and more.  

Since launching a new website 3 years ago, Onspring realized that having one singular message to speak to a broad range of businesses and personas wouldn’t cut the mustard. The 

Onspring marketing team wanted to create multiple industry-specific experiences for their main target segments, but they didn’t have the best experience with B2B website personalization platforms. 

After teaming up with Webeo, Onspring wanted to get started straight away with two key goals in mind:

1. Serve content based on the visitor’s industry. 

2.Implement an easy-to-use solution that would fit into the Onspring marketing team. 

Webeo dived into the data and developed personalization recommendations in priority order. Starting with the Healthcare industry, Onspring built a campaign with personalized experiences across 5 pages of their website. They started with the home page and expanded to the solutions page, features page, demo page, and GRC suite page. 

Onspring and Webeo created a multi-page experience for the Healthcare industry making changes to their headline, imagery, and supporting copy. This strategy had 2 goals: 

1.Show Healthcare visitors that they’re in the right place and that Onspring is a leading supplier in this field. 

2.Ensure the visitor’s experience is relevant throughout their whole journey on the Onspring website – not just the home page.


Onspring’s success in a nutshell 

  • 1 in 8 Webeo conversions are converting to an opportunity. 
  • 15:1 total ROI based on total pipeline generated. 
  • 360% increase in conversion rate across all campaigns. 
  • 166% increase in average time on site. 
  • 101% increase in pages per visit. 

Read Onspring’s story here. 

Hear it from our customers… 


“Incredible tool for website personalization.”

Webeo is an awesome tool. The ability to seamlessly personalize your website for different audiences is an innovative approach to digital marketing and allows for plenty of opportunities to expand marketing campaigns. You also get amazing reps to help onboard you through the process. 

Jessica B., Verified User, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.) 



“Excellent product.”

Every page can be fully personalized against a whole range of categories to suit every type of audience, a key tool for anyone looking to increase conversions. We have found a huge increase in conversions when using Webeo! 

Harry L., Verified User, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.) 



“Insightful software. Incredible team.”

Immediate ROI that drives pipeline for our organization. AND [you work with an] amazing account team member who proactively provides suggestions to improve our program. Our account rep is directly responsible for helping us drive increased SQL conversions on our site.

Emily E., Verified User, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.) 


The future is experimental 

Speaking on The B2B Conversion Podcast, CRO expert Patricia Behre shared an insight into the future of CRO: ‘It’s about research, experimentation, validation.’

Our expert team boldly agrees with Patricia that experimentation will continue to be a key trend in B2B website personalization throughout 2024. For example, you can launch A/B tests across your personalization campaigns to identify the most effective strategies and guide you in making the best decisions for your campaign. 

We asked our customers how important experimentation is to their marketing strategies, and they agreed across the board.

  • “It is very important, we are constantly testing and trying out new initiatives.”
  • “We should do more of it to optimize our goals.” 
  • “Extremely!” 
  • “Very important – if we aren’t experimenting with new tools we aren’t growing.” 

Start personalizing today with Webeo 

The benefits of website personalization speak for themselves. Yet, for many B2B businesses, the implementation journey is not so clear-cut. 39% of organizations say they struggle with effectively implementing personalization technology, and it can be a complex process of planning, executing, and monitoring intelligent experiences.  

There’s also the behind-the-scenes work to consider. CRO agency leader Ginny Forshaw recently highlighted the importance of ‘getting key technical issues sorted first’ before launching campaigns, including reviewing site maps, identifying crucial metrics, and site crawling to find problems like broken links. While these steps are essential to maximize the success of your campaigns, they require expertise and resources that some marketing teams may lack, adding to the complexity of website personalization.  

The Webeo team works tirelessly to change this narrative. With Webeo, you can get started in minutes with the support of a dedicated Customer Success Manager. With Webeo’s intuitive editor and step-by-step campaign builder you can launch your first personalized experience today. 

Our expert CSMs guide you through best practice training and success plans, so it’s easier than ever to get started with website personalization. 

Book a demo today to see Webeo in action. 

Let our Conversion Rate Optimization experts help you get started

We’ll run a free personalization audit on your website and provide insight into the audiences you should be personalizing too. We’re obsessed with maximizing our customers conversions and our team of website personalization experts are ready to help you realize serious revenue.

See Webeo live on your site today during a demo with one of our experts.

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