Webeo win Gold AND Silver at the 2022 MarTech Awards - Webeo


Webeo win Gold AND Silver at the 2022 MarTech Awards

Leila Wallingford

By, Leila Wallingford
Senior Marketing Executive at Webeo

Last year, B2B Marketing announced that Webeo, the leader in B2B website personalization, were awarded gold in “UK-Founded MarTech Vendor of the year” and silver in “MarTech Vendor of the year” at the Martech Awards 2022. The nominees and award winners celebrated companies that are leading the way in Martech through innovative and stand out tech. Integrate, Uberall, Lead Forensics were among the nominees for both of these awards.

The Martech awards are conducted by B2B marketing, the number one go-to resource and events platform for B2B marketers. The judging panel consisted of 25 industry professionals gathered to recognize the top Marketing Technology companies across B2B Marketing today.

Webeo’s B2B website personalization platform, enables marketers to deliver relevant personalized experiences to increase website conversions and maximize ROI from B2B websites. An easy-to-use no-code solution which allows marketers to create experiences with ease, and quickly adapt to shifting buying needs.

Being shortlisted and awarded for two B2B Martech Awards is a huge achievement for Webeo and recognizes the innovation, hard work, and success of the whole team. These awards provide confidence for current customers as well as potential buyers, that Webeo is the right vendor for website personalization. B2B Marketing has recognized the value of the Webeo brand and what they can achieve for many B2B marketers out there looking to discover the power of personalisation.

“At Webeo, the whole team are committed to providing B2B Marketers with the technology and tools to maximize their marketing campaigns and increase UX to boost conversion rates and take advantage of all website traffic”, said Kirsty Dawe, CEO at Webeo. “Winning UK-Founded Martech Vendor of the year is an honor to the teams hard work, and I look forward to continuing to empower marketing professionals and the work that they do”.

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