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The top B2B Marketing trends to look out for in 2023

Leila Wallingford

By, Leila Wallingford
Senior Marketing Executive at Webeo

We’ve learned a lot in 2022. We have seen the rise of B2B influencer marketing (who’d have thought it), the evolution of podcasts and chatbots, and felt the ever-growing pressure to reach more of our target audience. The B2B prospect demands an easy-to-navigate, personalized, and hyper-relevant experience across all touch points of the sales cycle, and if we let them down, they’ll move their attention to our competitors to see if they can do better. The digital world is ever-changing with consumer patterns following suit and the lines between B2B and B2C are becoming increasingly blurred. We might be aiming to bring a new business client on board, but at the end of the day, it’s still consumers that are making the purchasing decisions. So, we must address them with a human-centric approach, giving them the same experience they receive away from the office. That’s why we take a look at the B2B marketing trends taking the B2B world by storm in 2023, so you can build the strongest tech stack possible.

Here are some of the B2B marketing trends that will give you an edge over your competitors in 2023:

Hyper-personalization should always come first

78% of buyers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that offers personalization throughout the whole customer journey. Personalization has been a must have in B2C for many years and it’s fast becoming a must in B2B.

Hyper-personalization can (and should) be used throughout the whole customer journey, from email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, landing pages, and your website. In fact, personalization should be an integral part to both your inbound and outbound strategies. Not only should you be personalizing to potential prospects, it should be part of your CX. In fact, 98% of marketers citied that personalization helps advance relationships.

Building trust with User-generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is activity that has been posted online by individuals rather than brands. UGC can come from employees, product users, partners and more. Our buyers are doing their own research before they speak to our sales team and feedback, reviews and testimonials are a valuable way for buyers to understand your products USP’s and guide them through the sales cycle.

Research shows buyers are 2.4 times more likely to trust user-generated content compared to content generated and sent out by the brand itself.

Get to know CRO

With only 22% of businesses being satisfied with their conversion rate, and the average conversion rate globally at only 2%, there is a huge desire for change in 2023. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of your website visitors that turn into leads or sales. Increasing conversions is a no-brainer and here are few ways you can do it:

  • Website personalization
  • Building trust with reviews and testimonials
  • Improving your page load time
  • A/B testing your content and landing pages
  • Ensuring you have compelling copy
  • Investing in chatbots

Spreading the love with employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is the promotion of a business by its employees and can increase your total social engagement by 25% to 40%. This is a great way to share content through different social media platforms by people rather than just through your brand account. Posts can range from company activities, new product releases, to re-sharing content from your brands page. To get your employees excited about employee advocacy, why not try monthly competitions where employees are rewarded for their efforts. You can reward through team activities or personal rewards, either way it’s a great way to get your content out to a larger audience.

The TikTok takeover

TikTok is changing the game for social media marketing and not just for B2C! Research shows videos are 53x more likely to generate first-page SERP rankings than any other SEO tactic. It’s super easy to get started on your video journey, the best place to start is by creating videos of product demos, webinars, and live events to ensure your content is staying fresh as possible. One thing to remember with video content, the shorter and more concise the video, the longer you’re creating an effective message that your buyer is listening to. In fact 62% of viewers will watch the full length of a business-related video if it is less than 60 seconds!

Marketing landscapes are changing fast and investing some time over the remainder of 2022 to plan your 2023 strategies is what is going to allow you to re write the history of marketing and help you stay ahead (or at least keep up!) with the curve.

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