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The B2B Marketer’s guide to capturing imagination quickly

Rachel Hatton

By, Rachel Hatton
Head of Demand Generation at Webeo

Gareth Case, CMO at Redstor, shares his views on hyper-personalization, real-time relevance, and the game-changing website technology that marketers should embrace.

Personalization has come a long way in the past two decades — from the early days of including your recipient’s name in mass email copy, to creating personalized proposals, tailoring content and segmenting audiences. Twenty years ago, these small pockets of personalization were seen as revolutionary for B2B marketers, who typically fall 3-5 years behind the consumer marketing world. Today, for world-class B2B marketers, it’s no longer enough. Seamless, dynamic, real-time personalization is vital. And, it needs to start at the beginning of the buyer journey — from the moment they land on your website.

Using hyper-personalization to create instant connections

Your potential buyers are conducting tons of research before they make their decision — creating a shortlist of potential vendors. And, while your digital marketing material, face-to-face and over-the-phone communications showcase relevant messaging — your B2B website becomes the missing link. Building customized sites or campaign-specific landing pages is a great start, but they take significant time and effort. And, they don’t provide the hyper-personalized website view that advanced marketers require to capture interest at the top of the funnel. When we compare B2B personalization to the highly-targeted tactics and experiences provided by the likes of Facebook and Amazon, we’re quick to realize it’s the norm.

The game-changing MarTech no-one is talking about

Take Redstor, for example. We’re a high-growth, data management SaaS business. As the Chief Marketing Officer, I want to see amplified results, offer streamlined customer experience, and find a low-touch solution that makes a big impact. We need a way to capture minds and imaginations at the top of the funnel — while our visitors are conducting research and getting to know our brand. Our competitors are huge-name global leaders in the tech world, so we can’t compete from a brand perspective. But, what we can do is provide a superior, highly-relevant customer experience, which holds the key to developing relationships and unlocking revenue.

Website personalization technology is the game-changing MarTech solution that no-one is talking about. Like most B2B organizations, we serve multiple sectors. With website personalization software working seamlessly in the background, we can ensure every organization or key industry that hits the site gets an entirely bespoke experience. From tailoring the messaging and imagery they see to displaying their business logo — our prospects love it. In just 12 months, we’ve seen a significant increase in dwell time, intensified customer engagement and a dramatic improvement in conversions. For a relatively modest investment in time, money and resources, there’s a strong impact on the bottom line.

What does this mean for B2B marketers?

For complex, high-value products, winning clients takes time, effort and a one-to-one marketing approach. Unless you have access to unlimited resources and data at your fingertips, personalized experiences are limited to just a handful of accounts. Using a single line of Javascript, website personalization software enables you to serve up entirely bespoke experiences at scale that differentiate you from your competition. This moves your prospects more quickly through the buyer journey, helping you to initially engage prospects and make transactions faster than ever before.

As more and more vendors evolve to transacting online, there are some immediate benefits of on-site personalization. Just a small increase in your conversion-rate can dramatically impact revenue. And remember, if total personalization is too much for your audience, it’s possible to scale it down. Website personalization software delivers impact through personalization at various levels — from industry-specific messaging, right through to including the business logo on your site.

Top tips for choosing the right vendor

We chose Webeo for on-site personalization — and the results have been second-to-none. We rely on its highly-accurate IP address database to deliver individualized experiences and secure results. If you’re looking to cut through the noise with personalization, here are three things to think about before selecting a vendor.

1.) What is your end goal?

Be really clear on what you’re trying to achieve. Is it conversions, brand awareness, or standing out in a competitive marketplace? B2B marketers have too many marketing metrics to consider — from CTR and open rates to dwell time. Remember that as the tech world evolves to an E-commerce model, conversion-rate equals revenue.

2.) What is the cost versus the value?

Instead of asking how much the product is going to cost you, ask yourself how much it’s going to save you. Will the investment cost you less than hiring a junior member of the team? Consider what you’re spending on similar activities and identify if there’s a money-saving element. For example, with dynamic website personalization software, there’s no need to build dedicated sites or landing pages — providing tons of value at almost no extra cost.

3.) What is the impact of new MarTech on your resources?

Typically, the size of your team will impact the level of personalization you can offer. So, look for solutions that complement the resources you have and help save your team’s time. Webeo for example is easy to use and install, and the code can be deployed within minutes. We have a stretched marketing team, but we actually save time with Webeo, as we don’t have to manually create and change ABM and campaign pages.

From the moment visitors land on your site, they all deserve to effortlessly find the most relevant information for them. Showcasing this shouldn’t be hard. We’ve discovered how to stay one step ahead and dynamically deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right visitor. So can you.

To get in touch with Gareth and find out more about Redstor, you can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Webeo is a dynamic, real-time website personalization software — made by B2B marketers, for B2B marketers. With Webeo, you can give your visitors a personalized welcome, curate content that makes it as easy as possible to find what they’re looking for, and move them through the buyer journey faster than ever before. It’s the next stage of the personalization evolution — don’t get left behind. Learn more.

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