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Regpack results in 565% conversion increase using Webeo

Leila Wallingford

By, Leila Wallingford
Senior Marketing Executive at Webeo

Webeo, a B2B website personalization software, and Regpack, a service-industry payment and registration solution, today announced their recently enhanced partnership that has yielded astronomically high website activity results. Through their unique approach to user experience customization, Regpack has seen a 565% increase in conversion on personalized website traffic, as well as an increase of 302% for average time spent on site and a 30% decrease in bounce rate.

“What’s really powerful about the way that Regpack has used Webeo’s technology is the way they’ve used behavioral data and personalization to target more niche verticals and transform the way people view their site,” said Kirsty Dawe, Webeo CEO. “By honing in on what’s important to the buyer, Regpack has not only increased conversion rates in an incredible way, but they’re also seeing an increase in softer metrics like page views per visit and time on site, which play a role in gaining higher SEO rankings.”

Webeo’s website personalization software is integral to facilitating Regpack’s approach to tailoring experiences for individual site visitors, given the large variations in customers across the wealth of industries Regpack serves. Methods for site experience customization based on native code or city-based identification fell short, especially in grasping nuanced preferences. Regpack needed to showcase how its solutions worked for anyone from children’s camp managers to SaaS providers.

Behavioral personalization capabilities through Webeo’s solution together with search data from Google organic search and Google ads enabled Regpack to discern specific interests and transform the entire user experience to be seamlessly tailored to revolve around the visitor’s demonstrated preferences. This approach was enhanced through paid media that targeted very specific audiences. This allowed Regpack to use extremely advanced targeting algorithms in a way that was not done before. The result enhanced relevance and eliminated distractions for visitors thus ensuring that the buyer could focus solely on what mattered to them.

“Previously our marketing was trying to show a client everything that Regpack can do, but with so many capabilities and industries we serve, this was confusing people and making the sales cycle longer,” said Asaf Darash, Regpack CEO. “By bringing customers in on a specific tool that perfectly fits their needs, sales happen faster. Only after we close the deal do we show customers all the other features they can utilize.”

Webeo allowed Regpack to not only customize the Regpack site for each visitor but cut out the ‘noise’ so the site has a more refined view specific to their interest and with less to no navigation. By offering such highly personalized content, Regpack saw a 97% increase in pages per visit as the viewers were seeing the exact solutions they needed.

“The Webeo and Regpack partnership is an incredible case study of what can be accomplished by putting a customer’s needs first and offering highly customizable solutions,” said Darash.

Regpack is an online onboarding and payment management platform built for organizations large and small looking to manage and charge their clients. With automation tools including auto charging, customized forms, dynamic data filtering, business analytics, and email marketing tools, Regpack is an end-to-end solution for B2B and service-based organizations looking for software solutions. For more information, visit

Webeo is a B2B website personalization software that delivers a proven solution to the website conversion problem in B2B. Webeo’s software helps B2B organizations increase website leads by delivering a highly relevant, personalized experience to the B2B buyer as soon as they hit the website and tailoring that journey as they move through the funnel. Webeo has dedicated the last ten years to making sure their product maximizes conversion around the complex B2B buyer journey.

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