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No-code Martech: A Marketers Guide

Leila Wallingford

By, Leila Wallingford
Senior Marketing Executive at Webeo

No-code is transforming marketing technology. Gone are the days where you’d stare out the window, daydreaming of a world where everyone has the ability to manage heaps of content, build websites, evaluate data and have enough time left to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Thanks to the tools no-code software is providing, this is more achievable than ever – with no technical know-how needed! By taking advantage of no-code, you’ll realize the rewards it provides now and into the future. Those who ignore this marketing trend, are at risk of being left behind…

What is no-code Martech?

At Webeo, we have defined no-code Martech as technology that is designed to empower non-technical marketers to build and deliver marketing outputs. For marketers, no-code is about breaking free from your dependence on technical experts.

You often find that no-code provides solutions to everyday problems. This is great for marketers, as it frees up time to focus on development efforts and big projects.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that no-code is anti-code. You still need code to build these tools, and many require some knowledge of coding to achieve the best results. This shouldn’t put you off though – all good no-code platforms will offer you training and assistance.

Uses for marketers

No-code can offer you many uses and solutions as a marketer. We have broken the use cases into three key areas: Automation, Websites & Design and Data Analysis.

No-code and marketing automation

Today, many tools exist for workflow and digital transformation that require no coding skills to deploy. These include popular marketing platforms, such as HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce, which all have workflow automation ingrained in their software.

No-code enables managers to set up complex workflows, often by using a simple ‘drag and drop’ tool. Take HubSpot for example, which allows you to quickly set up optimized and effective marketing emails for your leads and buyers.

Like most of the tools we use, no-code doesn’t work alone. Integrating these platforms with the rest of your tech stack is key. It’s often the best way to optimize your no-code and helps you to establish a smooth design process for your workflows.

No-code and your website

Designing and developing effective websites has never been easier. Now that website building apps, such as WordPress, have applied no-code website building, you no longer need to get caught up in HTML or CSS. Non-developers can now create websites, landing pages, blogs and more without the need for their IT team. Hallelujah!

For those who have already built a website that they love, no-code Martech that allows you to personalize your current web pages could be for you. Webeo is a no-code tool that enables you to combine data from the largest global IP database, with intuitive and dynamic website personalization software, to deliver exceptionally relevant online experiences for each of your business visitors. Imagine if your marketing team were able to deliver that!

No-code in this space means marketing can say good-bye to development queues and work stacks and hello to team members having the opportunity to show off their creative flare and instantly apply and test their ideas.

No-code and data analysis

Data analyzing has been hugely affected by no-code tools, allowing non-analysts to create reports and dashboards, without having to battle with application programing interfaces.

No-code tools, such as Databox, are a great example of this. Databox enables you to obtain data from various sources and display in one dashboard, making comparing data easy and helping you make valuable decisions for your business.

Today, no-code has made it easier than ever to extract data from numerous sources, compare, analyze and even present them in straightforward formats.

The future of no-code Martech

For those wondering if no-code is here to stay, or if it will ease as the risks of Covid-19 reduce, I’m here to tell you that no-code isn’t going anywhere. There are too many benefits!

What marketer doesn’t want extra time to work on different and more interesting projects? Why settle for just building a landing page, when no-code allows you to build a new home page in no time at all? The opportunities are endless. Just remember, the skills of a good graphic designer can’t be replaced by the likes of Pixelied or Canva! You still need their skills and expertise to create the best assets for your brand. The beauty of no-code is that it provides everyone with equal opportunities to create, no matter how skilled you are in that field.

However, think carefully before giving your whole team unbridled access to edit and publish elements. You don’t want the quality of your work to fall because some members aren’t proofreading or double checking their set ups first.

“Will this take jobs away from developers?” I hear you ask. The answer to this is no! Providing the no-code trend continues, developers won’t be out of a job. No-code tools must be written by those who know code, without developers, there is no no-code Martech! In reality, these tools allow developers to focus on projects that directly facilitate business objectives, as it frees up time they were spending on editing a blog or building a new landing page.

No-code Martech also can’t replace technical growth marketers, their data-driven strategies and ability to spot liabilities in mapped out workflows are still skills every business needs. And it certainly can’t substitute the knowledge of marketers who know which tools integrate with one another best, to drive the greatest business revenue and growth.

It seems that no-code Martech is the solution for marketers and businesses who want quicker and less expensive ways to develop and test their ideas. Its applications and benefits are clear, with a hassle-free solution that begs the question of all marketers – why haven’t we implemented this before?

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