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How to resonate with buyers worldwide

John Kennard

By, John Kennard
Senior Customer Success Manager at Webeo

With the global reach of organizations increasing, there is a developing need to be able to personalize your website across multiple regions, to maximize conversion rates. When we think about regional personalization, our minds immediately think of personalizing based on the regional language of the visitor, but that’s just the start…

Regional personalization is the practice of tailoring collateral to the question in mind. In my experience, from consulting and advising with global Marketing teams across the UK and US, it’s common for businesses to leverage a 75-100% uplift in conversion when they have effective regional personalization’s set up.

We’ve decided the share some of our regional personalization best practice examples that Webeo’s most successful customers have adopted over the past year…

Serving the right information, as soon as visitors land on your site

Businesses that have the best results from regional personalization have a strong banner image and headline text. This includes their products/services advertised with regional based copy. For example, the main banner to include the country of the visitor, changing Collaborating with businesses to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions to Collaborating with UK businesses to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. 

Speaking your prospects language

Have you ever visited a website and the spelling of a word is not in your language? Does this immediately make you question if the supplier is right for you? If you’re having these thoughts, chances are your visitors are too.

Having the wrong spelling for English specifically is a deterrent for visitors, and viewers will automatically create preconceptions about your business. When a prospect is considering your business and five other similar businesses at the same time, this can be the difference between taking your business out of the equation or choosing to continue the conversation.

Regional personalization based on language

Regional personalization based on language

Showing off your client logos

Companies love to show off who they work with on their website. The question is, are these clients well known across multiple countries?

It is imperative that we show relevant client logos from the visitors region. If a prospect recognizes the logos, they will immediately classify you as a reputable business, qualifying more time on your website. If all they can see is logos from other regions or logos they don’t recognize, they won’t have much impact at all.

‘Our Clients’ section for UK businesses

‘Our Clients’ section for UK businesses

‘Our Clients’ section for US businesses

‘Our Clients’ section for US businesses

The same concept applies to case studies. Showcasing the projects you’ve completed with a well-known reputable business in the visitors region will cement their brand trust and probability of starting a conversation with a member of your team.

Make it easy to reach the right team in the right region

Many businesses have multiple offices across different regions, this can make it complicated when trying to find the correct contact details for the region you are in. When a prospect arrives on your site, seeing a foreign number or a long list of contact details can create frustration and confusion.

By using personalization to ensure that the correct contact details are being presented in the correct regions, can make your business appear more localized. Companies that also do not have more than one contact number often obtain a localized number that redirects to the head office out of the respective countries to appear more localized. The contact pages can also be personalized so that the contact for the region of the visitor appears highlighted and presented higher up the page to ensure a seamless user journey.

Getting them through the buyer cycle quicker

A lot of businesses have different price points for products across different regions and want to show each product in the correct currency for the visitor. You can use Purchase Power Index (PPI) to adjust your pricing for each country that you sell to. This guarantees that the pricing is correct for the region that the visitor is in, ensuring that visitors are not put off by wrong pricing.

Global offices have different focuses and businesses will have different products available in each region. Using personalization, companies are easily able to hide menu options for different countries or areas. This saves admin time in undeliverable products, and staff members time in dealing with enquiries. It also stops frustration with prospects, by them only seeing the products that are available to them.

Regional personalization ensures you are providing each of your website visitors with relevant information making their customer and buyer journeys slick and seamless, which contributes to boosting your onsite conversion rates. It’s really easy to get this started, especially with Webeo.

Let our Conversion Rate Optimization experts help you get started

We’ll run a free personalization audit on your website and provide insight into the audiences you should be personalizing too. We’re obsessed with maximizing our customers conversions and our team of website personalization experts are ready to help you realize serious revenue.

See Webeo live on your site today during a demo with one of our experts.

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