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Webeo’s concierge service: supercharging success

Bryn Rainford

By, Bryn Rainford
Customer Success Manager at Webeo

We understand that customers have multiple tech vendors they work with and managing those relationships and platforms takes time. Due to many of our customers being time poor, we’ve created a new service called Webeo Concierge. We’re supporting a diverse range of the b2b businesses we work with, to help them deliver the best experiences through the Webeo platform and generate the best results! By sharing best practice, plus our in house copywriting and B2B expertise. In this blog, we’ll explain what the process looks like and the amazing results we’ve generated for our customers. 

Data Analysis 

The first part of the process is understanding what the website data is telling us. The team will look at the companies visiting the website, which industry they are in and the size of business. This combined with customer intel on their ICP allows us to see which of their target segments are providing the most traffic to their website. This allow us to prioritise the largest opportunities. Plus we’ll know what our expected traffic will be for the campaigns we are building so we can forecast how long it will take to get a statistically significant result. 

We then scrutinise the data to identify which key pages this audience are visiting, and identify which of those pages are best placed for personalization. For example, they may have a login page that appears at the top of the list, but this isn’t necessarily the best page to add personalization on. Especially for prospects, as visitors will be going to this page for a single reason. The most common pages that work well for personalization are the homepage, conversion page, product/solution pages and PPC landing pages. Any pages that indicate high intent such as pricing or meet the team pages can also be included.  


The next part of the process is then considering how we create a personalized experience for each audience. We work with our customers to understand the challenges for each segment we are building campaigns for. We learn how their product or service can help their prospects to overcome this, combined with our own B2B marketing expertise.  

Ultimately, it’s about making sure what the visitor sees online ‘speaks to them’ and solves their problem. We only have 15 seconds to get someone’s attention when they visit a website. We need to make it easy for prospects to find relevant information that resolves issues they have. Plus we need to demonstrate social proof of other businesses like them that are having success. 

Our concierge team (made up of experienced B2B marketers and copywriters) will analyse each section of the clients webpage. Then they will decide what should be changed based on Webeo best rractice and personalize the webpage to reflect this. Once the new experiences are built within our Webeo portal, we’ll show the customer what we’ve changed and why. Once the client has approved the new experiences, the campaign is launched to the relevant audience. 


Our concierge service has delivered some incredible results including: 

  • A client in the managed IT sector increased their conversion rate uplift from 80% pre concierge to 542% after concierge. Working with our team, they adjusted their key industry campaigns and added a best practice returning visitor campaign.
  • A client in the medical sector launched 5 new event campaigns as a result of the concierge activity, which achieved a 345% increase in conversion rate.  
  • A new client within the software sector worked with the concierge team from day one. They launched 12 campaigns within the first 3 months with an average of 6 experiences per campaign.  
  • A B2B utility client launched 13 new campaigns within weeks of launching their new site with the support of the concierge team.  
  • A client within the manufacturing sector has increased their revenue gain to over £1m from personalized experiences through utilising our concierge service.  

If you’re interested in website personalization and believe you may need additional support, contact a member of our team!


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