B2B website personalization: Using AI to enhance your strategy


B2B website personalization: Using AI to enhance your strategy

Bryn Rainford

By, Bryn Rainford
Customer Success Manager at Webeo

Over the last few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become a staple in our everyday lives – even if we haven’t at times been aware of it. Back in November 2022, ChatGPT took social media by storm and attracted a million users in just five days. Since then, there has been no slowing down for this new age of AI, with over 180 million questions being asked each month.

Although at first, ChatGPT put many marketers on edge. We have now learned what we should and shouldn’t be using it for. Rather than ChatGPT replacing our valuable work, marketers understand that it’s a tool to amplify the work we are already doing. For example, inputting questions and prompts to generate content and messages that you can adapt into your own words and tone of voice. This blog will specifically look at how you can use ChatGPT to support your B2B website personalization strategy and ultimately, conversion rates. 

Applying ChatGPT for B2B website personalization

One key aspect is the ability to easily and quickly target new audiences that may not align with the existing messaging framework. Using ChatGPT, businesses can explore how the topics discussed on their website apply to different audiences. For example, if a significant portion of website traffic comes from the manufacturing industry, even if it’s not a directly targeted segment. ChatGPT can help formulate questions like “What are the key challenges in this industry, and how would my product/solution support those challenges?”. This serves as an initial idea generator to test potential strategies. Making it easier to sell the concept to the wider business leading to improvements in conversion and engagement. 

Another valuable application is simplifying and condensing language. When creating website personalization experiences, it can be difficult to shorten headlines or paragraphs written for a specific audience to fit the original styling of a website. ChatGPT provides a solution by allowing users to ask it to condense information or even input bullet points on the key points they want to make and ask it to keep to X number of words.  

Real-life examples of using ChatGPT to improve conversion rates

One of our customers had some high-traffic blog pages that they wanted to personalize by industry. The original blog explained what a knowledge graph is (type of data model that interlinks multiple sources). We used ChatGPT to help us understand how these graphs are used in the industries we wanted to target. After digesting this information, we were able to re-write parts of the blog to make it specific for that audience. 

ChatGPT has revolutionized how marketers approach content creation and messaging, becoming an integral part of the ever-evolving AI landscape. While it’s not the ultimate solution, it undeniably contributes to more effective and efficient strategies. To learn more about how Webeo customers leverage B2B website personalization and how your business can adopt these tactics, reach out to us today! 

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