5 ways to increase your conversion rate with website personalization


5 ways to increase your conversion rate with personalization

Bryn Rainford

By, Bryn Rainford
Customer Success Manager at Webeo

Marketers spend time and money personalizing their campaigns in the most effective way for their target audiences, but when it comes to the website, it serves all segments. For companies that have multiple offerings for a variety of businesses, it can mean prospects need to navigate through the site to find the information that’s relevant to them. Not ideal, we know.

If we look at B2C, supermarkets spend millions working out the most effective way to layout a store to help the customer find what they want and entice them to purchase more. For B2B, the same methodology applies. When someone comes on to your website, it’s vital they can find out the information they need and receive an experience that answers the questions they have.

With buyers spending only 17% of their time interacting with a potential supplier. It’s important to have a website that is optimized to meet the needs of your potential customers. providing them a website experience that talks to them as a business or industry and based on where they are in the buyer journey. Optimizing your website to do this is going to put you ahead of your competitors.

With buyers spending only 17% of their time interacting with a potential supplier, it’s important to have a website that is optimized to meet the needs of your potential customers


And you must be thinking, that’s all good and well, but how is it actually possible?

Using website personalization is an effective way to increase the conversion rate of your website. If we go back to the supermarket analogy, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve completely forgotten to get a card for your partner (we’ve all been there), so you decide to head down to your local supermarket and get one. You walk in and the first thing you see is a stand with cards and buckets with flowers in, perfect!

Whilst this is a crude example, the same methodology can be applied to your website. Changing your shopfront (homepage) to suit the needs of potential buyers will mean they purchase (or convert) at a better rate. If that supermarket hadn’t had put the flowers next to the cards, they may never have been purchased, but that small tweak has meant more money has been spent and the customer has had a better experience.

When it comes to your website, its these small tweaks to make life easier for your visitors that are going to have the biggest impact. That’s why we wanted to share 5 ways you can personalize your website with IP data to your target audience to help convert at a higher rate.

Provide relevant content on the homepage to potential customers.

As we’ve already discussed, buyers spend a huge amount of time researching their problems and potential solutions to this problem, so when they do visit your website showing them relevant and informative content is going to be a winner. Content that talks about relevant challenges in that company’s industry and gives solutions is going to entice visitors to click, read more and see your company as a thought leader. Again, tailoring this to each of the main challenges in your target segments and serving this to them with a website personalization tool is going to provide an excellent experience.

Serve customer logos and success stories on webpages that receive the highest volume of traffic.

Sharing logos, customer quotes and success stories with your visitors is going to provide that proof point and show they too could also benefit from working with your company. Personalizing these to each of your target segments is going to have even more of an impact, proving you can not only work in that market, but succeed and provide great results.

Make it easy for visitors to find what they need.

You’ve probably been on a website before and struggled to find what you need or found it particularly tricky to navigate through. Not only does this provide a poor experience for your visitors but it starts you off on the wrong foot and could mean potential customers are not engaging with you because a competitor’s website was that bit easier to find what they needed. Analyzing your website with a third party or even asking someone who doesn’t work in the marketing department to try and find key pages is an easy way to understand this. You can also use heatmapping software so you can see where people’s eyes and cursors are being drawn to and make a judgement if an element is in the right place.

Run behavioral based personalization to returning visitors.

If someone visits your website, accepts cookies and then visits/clicks on different parts of your website, there is an opportunity there to provide them with a personalized experience when they next return to the site. Say they click onto a specific product or service, when they next come back to the site, put relevant content or other related information on your homepage so they can pick up from where they left off.

Highlight key challenges for each of your target segments.

By speaking to customers about their challenges based on the demographic they fall into is not only going to show that you understand your customers pains but highlight to them that you have the solution. It speaks to them on a personal level and captures exactly what they are looking for at every stage of their buyer journey.

It’s time for you to work smarter with your current website visitors and existing content. Website personalization is a great way to increase your onsite conversions and allows you to speak to each of your customers needs directly and help them through their digital journey.

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