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12 days of B2B website personalization

Leila Wallingford

By, Leila Wallingford
Senior Marketing Executive at Webeo

In B2B marketing, December is arguably one of the busiest months of the year. Marketers are torn between racing to end the year on a high (and ideally ahead of target), reflecting on the campaigns that could have been executed better, and planning for the upcoming year. We’ve unlocked 12 tips to guide you to personalization success, so you can accelerate your B2B website personalization strategy in 2023.

We recommend you start wide (a simple Company name tag on your home page should do the trick) then drill into your top target segments. Then you can start to focus on funnel and persona personalization and linking messaging from your outbound campaigns back to your website. Giving your audience what they want to see – without making them work hard to find it – is guaranteed to improve customer experience and uplift conversion. So if you want to cut through the digital noise in 2023 and drive more conversions from the same amount of website traffic in 2023 keep reading…

1. Company name tag

Starting at the top of the funnel is the best place to kickstart your website personalization journey. You can do this by simply adding a dynamic company name tag in your headline text on the homepage.

By using our IP database, we can match your website visitors by name, industry, and size. This allows you to show your visitors that you know who they are and what they want from your website. This quick and easy personalization will help to kickstart your personalization strategy and increase conversions by around 135%.

Company name tag on homepage

Company name tag on homepage

Once we’ve understood what’s the biggest impact on your CAC and where opportunities aren’t converting, we can work to fix the leaky bucket that is B2B demand generation.

2. Localization

Our client Unit4 is a global organization and have prospects and clients from multiple regions visiting their website. Before Webeo, they faced the challenge of resonating with audiences from different locations. Unit4 serves multiple stakeholders from each company all over the globe, with their website playing a key role every step of the way. They needed to be able to serve the relevant information to the right people at the right time.

Unit4 used Webeo to create web experiences that are more relevant to its visitors, by creating a combination of personalizations including location-based. They managed to achieve their goal of being relevant to all website visitors, by personalizing from the very first visit.

But what did they actually do? Unit4 made simple changes to the language, images, and client logos to show each visitor relevant information to their region. For example, for visitors from the US, they swapped the client logos for US brands and updated all copy to be US English. Simple changes that increased their conversions by a huge 179%.

3. Behavioral personalization

The team at Webeo have been testing variants of experiences to find out what types of behavioral personalizations have the biggest impact for our clients.

We found two main types of personalization that our clients were using – Help me and recognize me. Recognize me personalization shows your website visitors that you know who they are. For example, identifying they’ve been on your website before and greeting them with a “Welcome back *company name*” message on your homepage. Help me personalization is when you identify that specific visitors previous behavior on your site – for example content they have engaged with – and provide them with relevant information that coincides.

Our client data shows that recognizing a prospect or client who has come back to your website won’t have a huge impact on your onsite conversions. But, recognizing the visitor’s identity and then serving them helpful, personalized content will.

For example, if someone has looked at your pricing page numerous times, you could highlight the content on your website that breaks down the pricing structure to help them make a more informed decision or encourage them to speak to a rep.

4. Company size

Many B2B companies serve a range of businesses from SMEs to enterprises, so it’s important your website speaks to the different size organizations you’re targeting, showing the most appropriate social proofs, pricing and solutions. Serving the correct information to each business should show them that you’re the most suitable vendor for them, whilst making it easier for them to find the information they need.

5. Customer based personalization

Website personalization is often linked to increasing conversions and generating more leads from your website. This isn’t wrong but website personalization is also a great tool for your retention and upsell strategy.

By using IP tracking and integrations, Webeo can match the clients that you are currently trying to upsell to. Using website personalization you can serve them a relevant experience to push them through the upsell journey faster. For example, if you have a client but they currently only use one of your products but you think they would benefit from an upgraded package, you can bring the relevant product information to their homepage. Whether this is an offer, or just a relevant case study, you are able to support your Customer Success team and provide a top-tier experience for all customers.

6. Super-charge your post-event plan

The first place a prospect will visit after meeting your company at an event will be your website. Showing them a generic homepage that has no relevance to your conversation at the event can prevent prospects from moving the conversation forward.

Webeo allows you to identify prospects that you have spoken to at previous events and serve them relevant content on your website based on your unique conversation, making your prospects more likely to engage with you and accelerate through the buying cycle faster.

For example, if you have mentioned a recently published whitepaper to a prospect whilst in conversation at an event that isn’t usually on your homepage, it’s a good idea to bring this to the homepage for that visitor. By using our IP data and matching the business via their company name, you can create a personalized experience for every person you spoke to.

7. Industry personalization

Our client Moorepay – a HR and payroll solution provider – use Webeo to serve different experiences to their top target industries. From technology and retailers to hospitality, professional services, and media outlets. Their goal was to appear industry specialized to each industry, which they couldn’t do with a generic website.

Using Webeo, they could tailor the language used on key product and conversion pages to be industry specific. They even went deeper and used our IP database to match businesses by name and included their company names in headline text. Making the experience for each visitor super personalized and enabling them to know Moorepay not only provides services for their industry, but they are experts in that sector and they are focused on winning their business.

By simply changing the headline text and image, they increased their onsite conversions by a massive 391%. By using industry-based personalization they have not only increased their leads but their prospects are having a much warmer relationship with their brand.

8. Persona

With B2B decision-making units growing, it is important to speak to each decision maker differently throughout the sales cycle. Each persona involved in the buying process will have different priorities and focuses, and linking value in your product or service to their priorities is imperative to getting buy-in from each stakeholder.

By integrating with your MA Platform, Webeo can identify each persona that is visiting your website, so you can present each persona with information that is most relevant to them and their role. For example, you may have certain personas visiting your site that are only interested in statistics that are proving your solution is the answer they need. For these personas, you would bring more statistical information to your home page to accelerate their decision-making process.

9. Expand your ABM efforts

Our client SmartRecruiters – a cloud-based talent acquisition site – use Webeo to support their ABM campaigns to their top target audiences. They noticed that their website was spoiling their efforts, serving their ABM prospects a generic experience.

Using Webeo, they were able to focus on key accounts and sectors such as technology to create maximum impact. SmartRecruiters mapped out their ABM accounts by most likely area of interest, allowing them to tailor their website content by the most relevant solution first, fast-tracking the process at the top of the funnel for those ABM accounts. On top of this, they integrated their Marketo MAP instance, enabling them to use Marketo 1st party cookie data to deliver personalized experiences beyond company level and at each funnel stage.

By focusing on the most relevant solution for the Technology sector and creating a one-to-one persona-based experience with Marketo, they saw a conversion uplift of 393%. By showing their website visitors different headlines, content, and imagery relevant to them, they have perfected their ‘shop window’, increasing the number of demos booked from their site.

Smart Recruiters non-personalized vs personalized home page based on the product each ABM account is currently using

Smart Recruiters non-personalized vs personalized home page based on the product each ABM account is currently using

10. Funnel stage

By integrating Webeo with your MA platform and CRM, you can build audiences based on the data you’ve already collected on your customers. This means you can serve personalized experiences based on where a prospect is in your funnel. From current clients, lapsed clients, new leads, or prospects in negotiation, Webeo allows you to create multiple audiences to ensure your website corresponds with their funnel stage. Creating a deeper connection with your audience no matter where they are in their customer journey.

But how can you put this into practice? A good starting place is changing your CTA’s from ‘book a demo’ to ‘speak to your account manager’.

11. Channel

Channel-based personalization can range from email campaigns, social ads, and PPC ads. By using channel-based personalizations you are ensuring that the experience a prospect has previously had with your company is the same right through to your website.

For example, if you have recently included a segment of your audience in an email campaign about a specific product or deal, you can continue to promote the same product when they click through to your website. By ensuring you are serving your prospects the same journey throughout their whole buying process you are guaranteeing a seamless customer experience and increasing their likelihood to convert.

12. Don’t risk a generic website in 2023

As Webeo’s 12 days of personalization blog begins to wrap up, I just want to remind you of the benefits when you include personalization across your prospect and customer journeys:

  • Increased on site conversion
  • More MQL’s
  • Less marketing budget wasted
  • Happier customers

For us, website personalization is a no brainer. Your buyers deserve a seamless customer journey where they are only faced with the relevant information, so lets leave generic websites behind in 2022.

Let our Conversion Rate Optimization experts help you get started

We’ll run a free personalization audit on your website and provide insight into the audiences you should be personalizing too. We’re obsessed with maximizing our customers conversions and our team of website personalization experts are ready to help you realize serious revenue.

See Webeo live on your site today during a demo with one of our experts.

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