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Webeo plans to continue to innovate and further grow its global footprint within the B2B field. Webeo will continue to lead the way in website personalization – with a primary focus on ensuring customer success.


A/B testing functionality was added to the already innovative Webeo solution, enabling clients to test different calls to action to ensure the most effective website personalization based upon their specific business requirements.


Further software products were launched to market, equally following the success of their predecessors.


The client base grew to 10,000 businesses and in excess of 60,000 users. With continuing momentum year on year.


After seeing a huge appetite for innovative martech software in the UK market, the company expanded into the USA market. Further investment was put into the IP database and matched firmographics – creating the leading global database of businesses matched to IP address.


After the initial success of the first product entering the market, the notion of customer success was developed as being a central component of the business. The concept of ‘your business success is our mission’ was developed.


As the software took off, Paul and Henry began innovating with the intention of building smart, innovative software solutions all with a common goal to generate business opportunities for their customer base.


Entrepreneur Paul Thomas was keen to help B2B organizations gain new business opportunities. Alongside business partner Henry Braithwaite, they started developing software solutions to assist businesses growth.

Start your website revolution today!

Start your website revolution today!

Webeo is a revolutionary software, evolving the way businesses maximize their website potential to drive conversions and business revenue from new and returning business opportunities.

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