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In this video, we will be telling your how to get your account based marketing tactics right the first-time round.

Account based marketing, or ABM, is the next big thing in personalized marketing right now.

It’s an approach that says goodbye to mass-marketing techniques, and hello to using an extremely targeted, personal approach.

So, how does it work?

ABM works by targeting key accounts.

In the world of B2B, this will usually mean finding companies that match the profiles of previous customers or share pain-points with your existing customers.

Companies make use of data and online tools to help them find the best accounts to target and understand how best to do so.

By planning your marketing strategy this way, businesses can save valuable time and money that might otherwise be wasted on accounts with little or no return.

It’s a great way of aligning with your sales team. After all, your business, marketing and sales goals should all clearly align.

It also makes it much easier to attribute return on investment because you can see which accounts are converting and driving revenue.

But, for ABM to be really effective, you need to make it count.

Here’s are five easy steps to help you get your tactics right the first time:

1.) Make sure you do your research!

It’s time to think about your business.

Where it is, where you want it to be, and what customers will help you get it there. Ask yourself:

● Who are your most high-paying, valuable customers right now?
● Do you have any customers with the potential to want more from you in the future?
● What businesses are like my existing client base and how should I reach out to them?

Research helps you find out if brands are worth reaching out to.

And, it helps you qualify leads before you get started, saving you and your potential client valuable time and money.

2.) Prioritize the accounts that matter

Work out which accounts bring you the most value and put those first.

Effective marketing is time-consuming and can be expensive.

Especially if you’re not seeing a great return.

Evaluate what is currently working and what isn’t. If it doesn’t match your original plan, don’t be afraid to re-think!

If accounts you thought might be crucial to your business are actually leading you no-where, invest your time and money somewhere else!

3.) Personalize the marketing content they see

Now you know who you are targeting, it’s time to tailor the marketing content they see to meet their needs.

Make sure you are feeding them relevant content and showing them products they have a genuine interest in.

A study conducted by HubSpot found that something as simple as a personalized call to action converted 202% better than a default version.

So, avoid generic marketing content. Especially when tackling account based marketing!

When you’ve got the data, you need to use it!

4.) Use website personalization to improve their experience

Customers appreciate when businesses go that step further!

Website personalization takes user experience to the next level and works wonders when it comes to ABM.

Use industry segmentation to find out what your customers have in common.

And use ABM to find those valuable accounts that matter most to your business.

With website personalization, each key account and industry will receive a unique experience.

From a personalized welcome message to website content and products that meet their needs and interests.

The key accounts will feel valued, understood and be keen to make a purchase.

5.) Cross-sell and upsell

Make the most of your existing customer base by suggesting products similar to, or better than, the products they are interested in.

According to Hubspot, you are 50-60% more likely to sell to an existing customer.

So, make the most of your existing customer data and show them that you’ve taken an interest in them

There are huge benefits to account based marketing, and if it’s implemented successfully, your team will reap the rewards.

Make sure you take our tips on board and do things right the first time.

This will give you a head start and save you valuable time in the future.

If creating a personalized website for your account based marketing strategy sounds like something you’d be interested in, learn more with Webeo.

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