Hello! Welcome to Webeo Futures. Bite-sized educational resources at the forefront of Digital Marketing. In this video, we will cover how you can get the most out of website personalization for your business website.

Website personalization is rapidly growing trend in marketing, one that has not quite reached every corner yet – but once it does, you’ll be left out in the cold without it. It can contribute to many areas of the marketing mix including:

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
Account-based marketing (ABM)
Customer experience

To get the most out of your personalization you first need to understand your audience and ultimately what will help them on their customer journey.

Are they looking for a content asset to download, to see a demonstration of your service, or just researching what is available in the market?

Website personalization is an evolving industry, so first let’s establish some of the various elements you may be able to customize.

If you are looking at B2C personalization there are tools that will change product listings based on previous user behaviour. This allows you to show the products that sell the most with categories. You can also bespoke the categories depending on price point and offers. – Think Amazon.

Let us focus on B2B though, as this is a market that is growing rapidly with new technology. Many current technologies require some kind of form fill or for the data to already be in your CRM.

These software solutions then allow you to customize elements of the page to that prospect or customer. Webeo however utilizes a unique technology to allow you to personalize your website based on industry, revenue, location, and even down to a single organization without the need for a previous visit or any form fill from that visitor – making a hugely positive impact, at scale.

From there you can customize elements including images on the page, the CTA’s, case studies and the copy to the audience segment you have chosen.

How can you maximize your Personalization?

To get the yield the best return form website personalization, you need to identify your visitors, how they interact with your website and what their intent is.

The first step is to identify the audience segments that you want to personalize to, focus on the segment that will deliver the biggest return in terms of revenue into your business. These could be the industries that you work with the most, a specific list of companies from your ABM targets or your valuable customer base.

Once you have identified the audience segments, the next step is to establish the intent of the customers for each and begin to plan out exactly how you are going to personalize your website to deliver the best result for each visitor and ultimately for your business.

You should establish:

The stage of the buyer journey are they in:
• Awareness
• Consideration
• Decision

Then use your buyer or customer personas to better understand what they are looking to achieve, and this should drive how you personalize the website to them.

For someone at the awareness stage, you may show blogs about your industry, case studies from companies in the same industry, and video content to help educate them on your product and services.

What else can you show them to push them down the buyer journey, how can you personalize the content to really engage them in your website. Aim to leave a lasting, positive impression so that as they progress down the buying journey your brand will be front of mind.

For someone in the consideration phase, you should be looking to build trust with this client and to prove you can deliver the product or service that they are looking for. Stand out from your competition with a a website that positions you as a leading vendor in their sector.

How can you personalize your site to build trust with the prospect, this is where you can name drop other clients who they would know of within their industry, or even larger clients outside of their industry! What case studies and projects could you show them to show that you can deliver results with your product or service?

Personalization allows you to customize every part of your website to match the prospects needs and intent, but why not go further and look at how you can personalize for current customers and people in your existing pipeline.

For current customers, you could be looking to upsell other products or services, or highlight who their sales person or account manager is so that they can contact them easily. Personalize the phone numbers on your website so that they can get in touch directly with the people they deal with and remove that potential area of friction.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please feel free to comment below the video should you have any questions or requests for future content, and one of the team will get back to you.

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