In this video, we will bet talking about how industry segmentation can help your conversion rate.

It’s no secret that conversion rate is an important part of business success.

This is because a good conversion rate means you’re getting good value out of your website and marketing communications.

But, a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to your website, marketing strategy and product range is no longer making the cut.

To improve conversion rates, you have to really stand out from the noise.

If improving your conversion rate is part of your overall business strategy, then your marketing plan needs to reflect that too.

The best way to ensure that every website visitor that finds themselves on your site makes a conversion is to give them an experience they won’t forget.

And, how do you achieve that?

By ensuring your audience gets a personalized experience when they interact with your brand.

Here’s how segmenting your audience can ensure your conversion rates skyrocket.

1.) Industry segmentation provides a personalized experience

According to Dynamic Yield, 96% of marketers and execs believe in the value of personalization.

So, it’s no wonder it’s become so popular.

When your customers receive a personalized experience, they remember it.

This could include being addressed by name, seeing language and images that resonates with their brand, and being directed to products that are relevant to them.

Industry segmentation enables you to create content that works for each specific sector that engages with your brand.

The more relevant the content, the more likely a customer is to make that conversion.

2.) Segmenting your audience helps speed up the buyer journey

According to Lead Pages, 81% of sales take place after seven or more contacts.

Nurturing leads to turn them into potential customers takes time.

When you’re a business that works with other businesses, you need to make things as simple as possible.

The people viewing your website are usually busy decision makers.

If their user journey is complicated, if they’re being spammed with generic marketing emails, or if they’re being shown irrelevant products, you’re going to lose their interest.

Industry segmentation helps you ensure your potential customer is being fed the information they need.

Making sure everything they see interests them and directs them back to your website can help ensure they click that call to action at a much faster rate.

3.) The process can show you where you should focus and where you’re wasting time

When you break down who your customers are and what they are purchasing from you, it opens up a world of useful information.

Using tools like website analytics will enable you to see who is making those purchases and who isn’t.

This information will help you decide which industries are worth focusing on and which aren’t.

If you’re gaining a much higher ROI from the aviation industry than you are from the finance industry, you can use this information to make decisions.

Do you want to invest more into the industry that seems to require your product, or spend money altering your marketing approach for an industry that you’d like to work with?

Either one of these solutions could help improve your CR.

The more focused and aligned your strategy, the better your conversion rate will be.

Now, it’s time for the stats to prove it.

Firstly, according to Econsultancy, 96% of marketers say segmentation is the most powerful method of improving conversion rate.

This statistic truly speaks for itself!

Almost all marketing professionals say it does the trick. Why not try it for your own business?

Secondly, Wordstream found that click-throughs are 100.95% higher than non-segmented campaigns.

This supports the idea that all communications should align.

And, therefore, be relevant to the industry segment you’re targeting.

And finally, 74% of shoppers become frustrated when a website shows them content that isn’t relevant to them, according to Loyalty 360.

So, it’s clear that industry segmentation has huge benefits, especially when it comes to positively impacting your conversion rate.

Website personalization software, like Webeo, provides an entirely unique experience for website visitors.

Based on the IP address of the visitor, Webeo tailors the appearance, content and welcome message of your company’s website to meet the needs of the visitor.

The experience can be altered based on industry, so the businesses that matter to your company will get an experience they won’t forget.

This, in turn, will ensure they’re hitting those desired calls to action and improve conversion rates.

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