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In this video, I will cover how to leverage artificial intelligence to provide each of your website visitors with a personalized experience of your offering.

There are five key ways to really boost your website personalization strategy with AI:

1. Optimizing content delivery

AI helps your business to deliver only the most relevant content to your segmented audience in real time – with greatly reduced resource.

For an individual to analyze just how each marketing data segment interacts with specific pieces of content in real time, is nearly impossible.

However, by employing artificial intelligence, you can dynamically change website content to instantly meet the needs of the visitor based on the specified segments.

Should you wish to seamlessly deliver industry-specific content, or product information relevant to the visitor’s business size in real time, you need the power of AI.

2. AI provides deepened and predictive analysis

Artificial intelligence has the capability to analyze website activity in previously unachievable detail.

Where traditional website metrics focused on data surrounding pageviews and sessions, AI looks to analyze metrics that provide a more granular insight into engagement and active content user’s behavioural tendencies.

Machine learning algorithms analyze this data at scale and in real time, based on live content engagement patterns, behaviours, preferences and interests.

This enables AI-fuelled website personalization tools to predict what visitors will want, automating cross-channel content distribution to individual users.

3. Artificial intelligence can also create individual customer personas

AI-fuelled solutions are able to keep marketers in touch with what their current customers are saying about their brand and from what they are engaging with, predict their intentions in real time.

Harnessing this data enables you to quickly change your website messaging to meet the needs of your audience and help you to ensure a successful return from your campaign.

For example, not every middle-aged man loves football, fishes or plays golf. Your clients want to be treated uniquely, but this is only achievable with an understanding of their preferences based on concrete data and analytics.

AI can help you build a broadened understanding of your most valuable clients, so your website can deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The client understanding gained from artificial intelligence can be the difference between a successful website campaign and a mistargeted promotion.

4. With AI, your website personalization approach can implement collaborative grouping

This AI-driven approach can help your organization to gather a detailed understanding of website visitor behaviour, so you are able to deliver the most appropriate content and product recommendations, without relying on form-fill data.

This process works in 3 easy steps:

Data capture: Artificial intelligence can use a basic machine learning algorithm to capture the footprint of a valuable website visitor.

AI can learn about how an individual visitor navigates, engages and acts on your website, capturing patterns that the human brain doesn’t normally detect.

Audience segmentation: AI can use this data to group multiple site visitors together based on their preferences and behaviours. The most predominant characteristics identified can then be used to differentiate visitors into segments.

Content customization: This segmentation fuels content customization based on collaborative grouping, ensuring your current trending topics, new posts and recently published articles are geared to the visitor’s taste.

This generates a fresh, yet highly personalized, curated experience for the visitor.

Websites like Amazon use this intelligence to make product recommendations, saying “users who purchased X also viewed Y”.

5. And finally, artificial intelligence can be used to optimize marketing campaigns that drive website traffic

There’s little point spending time curating a website personalization strategy if your website isn’t receiving the traffic meant to view this customized experience.

You want your segmented target audiences and ABM prospects to see your incredible personalization efforts, but in the competitive world of B2B marketing, only sending an email or posting across social media will leave you behind your competition.

This is where AI can help.

By analyzing data collected from target audience social profiles, keyword searches and online behaviour, artificial intelligence can make suggestions of how to optimize a campaign to effectively evoke the desired reaction.

This AI insight helps create a string of individual marketing campaigns based on the prospect’s likelihood of engaging with a particular product or service.

This technology can help your team identify which type of campaign is best suited for a specific audience segment, helping you drive the website traffic needed to maximize your website personalization approach.

Delivering the ultimate online experience can seem like a never-ending process, but thanks to artificial intelligence, it can become a reality.

We hope you found this helpful, please feel free to comment below the video should you have any questions and one of the team will get back to you.

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