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In this video, we will cover 5 ways CRO can be leveraged boost results for your business.

Conversion rate optimization offers one of the fastest, most effective methodologies for turning your existing web traffic into paying customers. But it can have wider benefits also. It can help to:

1. Increase engagement
2. Focus your efforts
3. Improve customer experience
4. Uplift PPC results
5. Yield an increase from SEO efforts

Increase engagement

CRO can help deliver an increase in engagement on key website pages. By highlighting the key elements on the most pertinent pages you can manipulate how you the user acts. Many web pages display too much information so consider highlighting the relevant key points, so that you can catch their attention and it is easy for the user to navigate to conversion.

Think about what the user is trying to achieve:

• What is the user looking for?
• Are you answering their questions?
• What are the friction points along their journey?

How can you best represent the information they are looking for so that you can so that you can keep them on the page and push them along their journey.

Focus your efforts

As we all know, there is never enough time in the day to get everything done! and sometimes priorities can hide themselves within the daily activity of business as usual.

CRO allows you to focus your goals and channel your efforts towards a overall goal. As you go through the CRO process, set your hypothesis and your expected outcomes and then work towards proving or disproving these.

This focus on a single metric really allows the team to look at what effects this and how they can make improvements.

Improve Customer Experience

CRO is focused mainly on online conversions and leads, however it will also inadvertently affect the customer experience of your brand. As you make these small incremental improvements you are removing pain points and areas of friction to make the customers journey smoother.


You can use CRO at every stage of PPC whether it is adding copy to improve the call to action, or to the landing pages to improve the form fills, layout and content. By applying a CRO strategy to your paid search you can boost your ROI along with your conversion rates.

With CRO you are trying to optimize the return from of the traffic you already have, so rather than converting 2-5% you can convert 7-10% and with continuous improvement on CRO you can quickly push into double figures which will have a huge impact on your ROI.


Conversion rate optimisation is the art of delivering more from the traffic we are already have, rather than looking for new traffic. SEO is the process of ranking relevant content for the right audience on search engines. But this is no longer enough for users, layout plays a huge part in the customer journey and you only have a few seconds to convince that prospect that your site can deliver what they are looking for.

Search engines rankings are becoming more and more difficult to achieve. The number of SERP positions is being reduced by the likes of Google. With the introduction of Knowledge graphs, and more adverts – 10 results per page is now being reduced to as little of 7 in some instanced. Highlighting the need to maximize on the traffic you are receiving.

By combining the PPC and SEO strategies you are onto a winning formula; not only will you be driving new traffic to your website but you will be looking to improve your conversion rates on the pages where they are landing.

You will need to analyze the keywords you are being found for and to discover the stage buyers are at in their journey. This will allow you to establish their intent and then look at the layout and design of your landing pages.

Make sure you test and measure your changes to establish that they are working use A/B testing of the pages to monitor your results and build on what you are doing.

A final point…

Conversion rate optimization is all about increasing your return on investment and can help any marketing strategy you have in place. Why not try to get more from the traffic you already have, CRO can have an instant impact and does not take long to get in place.

By getting more out of the pages you have as you increase your traffic then you know you are getting more out of the opportunities you are creating.

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