In this video, we will bet talking about the 5 must-have customer experience tools for your business.

Customer experience is all about putting your customers at the forefront of your website experience.

According to iperceptions, customer expectations are at an all-time high right now.

67% of customers say their standard for good experiences is higher than they’ve ever been.

And, 64% find the customer experience more important than the price when purchasing something.

So, it is clearly extremely important for brands to focus on the customer experience their website provides its users.

We’ve curated a list of tools your company should use to help create an amazing customer experience for your website visitors.

Let’s look at what they are!

1.Make sure your website features Live Chat

Introducing Live Chat to your website brings with it a huge amount of benefits.

It’s a helpful tool that encourages users to engage with your brand.

And, at the same time, it reduces expenses and helps you give excellent customer service.

It’s convenient, quick and you can use the data it provides to help you better your web experience in the future.

According to JD Power, 42% of customers prefer Live Chat to other communication options.

2.You should have a great social media presence

When a new website visitor lands on your website, you have just a few seconds to grab their attention before they move on.

Use social platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, to tell your brand’s story and reflect its values.

It can also be used to:

Look for trends that relate to your business and get involved in the conversations.

Respond politely, quickly and carefully to criticisms.

Thank and reward customers for positive comments.

3.Implement a survey tool for customer feedback

Not everyone wants to fill out surveys, but those that do usually have some really helpful insights to provide.

If you want to create an unforgettable customer experience then you’ll need to hear from your biggest fans and your harshest critics and take all of their feedback on board.

Surveys also help collect useful data and, in some cases, can help you attribute revenue and give necessary praise.

4.Use website analytics tools to keep on top of your customer’s journey

Website analytics provide you with a whole host of information that can help you improve your customer’s journey.

Where are your visitors coming from?

Who are they?

What are they looking at?

Where are they leaving?

How long are they spending on your site?

All these questions play an integral role in understanding your customer experience.

If any of the answers don’t align with your business and marketing goals, it’s time to make a change.

And the beauty of analytics is that you can compare results after you make changes!

5.Invest in website personalization software for a bespoke experience

Website personalization truly is the future of customer experience.

So many brands are behind the curve when it comes to personalization, which is especially concerning when so much research suggests that consumers respond so much better to personalization.

According to Accenture, even back in 2016 consumers were more likely to buy from somewhere that recognized them by name, recommended options based on past purchases, or knew their purchase history.

Personalization has come a long way since then!

Personalization software, like Webeo, creates tailored, bespoke website experiences for your customers that will greatly improve their overall customer experience.

This includes elements like personalized welcome messages, prioritized and relevant content, and a change in the images and language to match the visitor.

This creates the ultimate customer experience!

The benefits of a positive customer experience are clear for both the consumer and the business.

So, investing in or utilizing customer experience tools is worth it.

The customer will be getting an experience that appeals to them and their needs.

This, in-turn, increases their likelihood of returning to your website.

This will improve your retention rate.

The purchasing process may be much faster for the customer, thanks to live chat or product recommendations.

This means the time taken to turn a lead into a sale has dramatically decreased for your business.

This saves your sales team valuable time chasing potential customers.

The customer will likely enjoy their experience on the website more than other sites.

This makes them more likely to review your company.

This will give you a testimonial that will encourage others to use your website.

These are just a few of the ways both you and the customer will be rewarded.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please feel free to comment below the video should you have any questions or requests for future content, and one of the team will get back to you.

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