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Berlin Packaging achieve a conversion uplift of 35% from their SME campaign

Berlin Packaging is the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures. Alongside supplying billions of items annually, they offer package design & innovation, global sourcing, warehousing & logistics, quality advocacy, and financing & consulting services across multiple industries and different-sized organizations.
They target a range of business sizes, from SMEs to Enterprise, and have a number of solutions to help the various challenges different business sizes face. They recognized that their website wasn’t serving the SME market to its full potential and came to Webeo with a conversion rate problem they needed to fix.


Increase in onsite conversion

The Challenge

Berlin Packaging had a mixture of marketing activity sending prospects to their website, including paid search, SEO, email, and SMS. However, when SME prospects landed on their website, they had to search around multiple pages for the correct information for their business size. This made the buyer journey more complex and lengthy, deterring prospects away from converting. When creating their SME campaign, they had two goals they needed to achieve:

Serving a consistent personalized message when prospects land on their site from multiple marketing touch points
Increase conversion rate for their SME website visitors

In order to increase engagement and conversion across their website, Berlin Packaging needed to present relevant content that’s important to the visitor, from the moment they land on their website. To achieve this Berlin Packaging created a campaign in Webeo specifically for SME businesses, where personalization is used across their three highest visited pages for that sized organization.

Our Solution

Using Google Analytics and Webeo’s reporting tool, Berlin Packaging identified which pages had the highest traffic from SME businesses. These pages offered them the most chance to improve their on-site engagement and conversion.

The pages that had the most traffic were their homepage and two product pages. Using Webeo’s IP database, they built an audience within the Webeo platform which identified visitors that were SME’s.

Berlin Packaging then edited their home page and product pages with personalised information, improving the online journey for their SME website visitors to show they already work with businesses of their size and know exactly how to solve their challenges.

Personalization in action

By making small changes to subheadings, CTA’s, and content blocks, Berlin Packaging ensured that when SME businesses landed on their site, all the information shown would resonate with them and reassure them that they had found the right supplier for them. SME audiences tend to be very transactional, so Berlin Packaging changed the content across multiple pages to represent this.

This achieved two things:


It instantly told SME website visitors that they were in the right place and that Berlin Packaging had the products they need to support their business goals


By creating a multi-page experience, they made sure that their visitors experience would be relevant throughout their entire journey and not just the homepage

Non-personalized version

Personalized version

Berlin Packaging personalized Homepage

Content specifically for their SME audience. Rather than pushing added value services, they showed key products that they knew SME’s would be interested in

Personalized CTA’s

Subheading text updated to resonate with SME’s, highlighting that there were no order minimums so SME’s knew they wouldn’t face overordering or overpaying for packaging solutions

The result

Berlin Packaging are measuring their success from their SME campaign based on how many online orders they are converting on-site. Alongside this, they are also measuring the average time on site, bounce rate, and page views. 

If Berlin Packaging served the above experience to 100% of all SME’s that visit the site they would achieve an additional 642 conversions per year.


Increase in onsite conversion

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