Everything digital with Steve Kemish, a marketer with over 10 years of experience in the digital industry.

1. With everybody in marketing attempting to provide value, how do you make sure you really are providing value?

Creating content and messaging that is relevant – this is measurable by engagement, checking the likes, shares and comments you are getting.

2. What would you say the most effective way to combine Social and SEO?

Balancing humans and computers (robots) – consider where your target audience ‘hang out’ on social media.

3. Are AR and VR the next platforms companies should be preparing to advertise on?

AR & VR have interesting opportunities. Creating content that ‘help’ the consumer is the most important.

4. What are the key elements in building customer loyalty?

Three key elements in building customer loyalty:

  • Understanding what customer loyalty means
  • Partnerships
  • Understanding your customer and being helpful

5. How do you rise above the digital noise?

Four ways to rise above digital noise:

  • Seed content in the right places
  • Quality content over quantity
  • Look at what competition are doing
  • Use video – easily engaging

6. What are the best insights can you get from your competitions’ website traffic?

Three insights from competitors web traffic:

  • Intercept competitors’ traffic
  • Learn from competitors – have a different stance
  • Finding a gap for your own voice

7. How long is too long to re-market?

Dependant on how quick your sales cycle is. Make re-marketing a nurture programme instead of a conversion programme

8. What ways can you optimize and increase your conversion rate?

Three ways to optimize your conversion rate:

  • Ensure consumer experience is perosnalised
  • ABM (account-based marketing)
  • Simplicity of consumer experience

9. What SEO issues can hold your conversions back?

Driving the wrong sort of traffic – analysis of bounce rates

10. When creating a PPC campaign is it crucial to have a device specific campaign?

Two crucial things to thing about when creating a PPC campaign:

  • Optimize mobile for landing page content, quick and easy to take in
  • Optimize desktop for more in-depth content