Ask the expert: Q&A with Mat Wilson CEO of Einstein Marketing

1. If you were at the beginning of your career again, what would you start with? What is the most important skill within digital marketing?

The best skill to have as a digital marketer is ’empathy’. It is the skill in being able to look at someones situation and understand where they want to go. Put yourself in someone else’s shoe.

2. Do you have any favourite sources of education in marketing? How do you keep up with the ever-changing trends?, – anywhere where the latest information can be found!

3. You can only use 1 social network for your business, which one would you choose and why?

Facebook. Over 2 billion active users on Facebook. Facebook is underpriced in terms of PPC. With Instagram being a close second, in three years time trends suggest Instagram will be first.

4. How do you automate your social media marketing, without having to sacrifice being engaged in conversations with your audience? is an automation platform. Although the importance to have a human element is still a priority.

5. What are some of the most common bad SEO habits that lead to mistakes?

The worst SEO habits are writing content loaded up with keywords to try and get ranked on Google. The best way is to get ranked on Google and a technique Einstein Marketing use is writing a story around keywords a story around the content you’re trying to rank for.

6. What are the biggest PPC mistakes that newbies make?

Two common mistakes PPC newbies make are:

  • Targeting the wrong audience.
  • Not understanding their audience.

7. What is the anatomy of a perfect PPC ad? What tips can you share to increase optimization?

Four anatomies make up the perfect PPC ad:

  • Identifying the correct audience.
  • Some sort of offer (discounts, limited time etc).
  • Trying to build a story around selling the product/service.
  • Ensuring the advert is engaging.

8. What is the biggest technical challenge when it comes to re-targeting?

Showing the consumer content about a product before they see the advert. Re-targeting is about re-engaging with the consumers that have engaged with your content.

9. With everybody in marketing attempting to provide value, how do you make sure you really are providing value?

Creating content with solely the content in mind, not the agenda. Pure content that always has the audience in mind.

10. What are the most essential elements in building customer loyalty?

Culture – “At Einstein, we try to be ‘cool’ not ‘boring’”. Including a community for your consumers such as a Facebook group, WhatsApp group, a place where everyone can come together and “talk about how good you are”.

11. In your opinion what are the essential steps for creating the best digital marketing strategy?

The three steps to creating the best digital marketing are:

  • Awareness
  • Good offers to target audience with
  • Maximize customer value