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As a team of marketing professionals, we are beyond excited to be heading to this year’s Festival of Marketing on 10-11 October at Tobacco Dock, London. The two day event — which sees around 4,000 attendees — is the place for ambitious marketers to discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together. With a mix of practical application and inspiration, the event is not one to be missed. Festival of Marketing is the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers — hosting more than 250 speakers across 12 stages. The speakers include marketing professionals from the likes of GSK, Benefit Cosmetics and KFC, as well as individual house-hold names like Happy Place founder Fearne Cotton, TV presenter Davina McCall and Musician and documentary maker Professor Green. There are several different ticket types available for the event, from basic access and networking through to headliner meet and greets. Don’t miss the chance to buy your pass here.

Gary Duxbury, Website Personalization Specialist at Webeo, said: “Festival of marketing is an amazing event — home to a number of big-name brands, house-hold name influencers and celebrities, and some of the best in the marketing business. As a B2B organization, we love hearing from other marketers and getting to immerse ourselves in so much creativity, inspiration.”

He added: “The B2B marketing world doesn’t stop. We are constantly developing our product and innovating — so keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the wider marketing community is a great benefit to us. Our software plays a huge role in creating great brand experiences, so hearing from influential brand marketers is key too.”

Traditionally, B2B websites have always been static, uninspiring and designed to appeal to the mass B2B market. But, as marketers, we spend hordes of time, money and resources driving potential customers to our business websites through our digital marketing efforts. Every social media post, every piece of educational content, and every email marketing communication takes users there. But what happens when they land? If your digital marketing content is personalized, bespoke and designed to engage your target audience, then a one-size-fits-all website could have a negative impact on your business. And, it definitely won’ make for a streamlined, enjoyable user experience. Webeo works by creating bespoke, individualized experiences based on the IP address of your website visitor, tailoring your content to meet their needs. It improves customer loyalty and brand reputation thanks to a highly-engaging experience. And, it proves great ROI thanks to better CRO, reduced bounce-rates, enhanced SEO ranking and more. By displaying relevant content, appropriate and engaging imagery, and language that resonates with your visitor in real-time, your organization creates a customer-first online experience, putting your potential buyer at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. Onsite personalization is a game-changer for B2B marketers, giving them the chance to catch up with the personalized experiences the B2C community already offers.

If you want to find out more about how Webeo can skyrocket your brand marketing with personalization, don’t miss out! Visit stand 16 where Gary and the team will be ready to answer any burning questions you have. Speak to us to discover the power of website personalization. Plus, you will get the opportunity to get an exclusive two week free trial, providing you with the opportunity to personalize your site and impress potential customers with an unforgettable online experience. We will be exhibiting alongside our friends at Lead Forensics — find out how leading MarTech and website tracking can help you discover leads through your B2B website.

Gary said: “Marketing technology is a crucial part of marketing efforts today, but B2B marketers in particular have fallen behind. We hope to show Festival of Marketing attendees the power of personalization — and prove that it’s not just a B2C marketers’ game. We look forward to chatting with professionals and showing them how Webeo can supercharge their marketing strategy.”

He added: “Don’t miss out — come and meet the team and find out how we can help you complete the personalization puzzle with individual online experiences. We can’t wait!”

Webeo is a leading website personalization technology that creates personalized website content for your site visitors. It works by tailoring your existing website based on the IP address of the visitor and creating a bespoke, personalized web experience for them. Based on a set of criteria outlined by the user, impress your target audience, existing customers and dream prospects. This could include altering the imagery, text, greeting and calls to action of your website to meet their needs. If you can’t wait or won’t be attending Festival of Marketing – request your demonstration today!