What’s new at Webeo?  Is a series of articles that delves into new developments, updates and on goings at the leading website personalization software company.  Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s new.

At Webeo, we are always looking for new ways to make our product even better.  Since its launch back in 2016, we have worked to ensure Webeo is the ultimate in website personalization.  With a global leading IP address database and a team of experts at hand, Webeo is helping businesses transform static websites into unique customer experiences for several big-name clients.  But according to Webeo Product Manager, Liam Winzar, the team behind the leading personalization software is continually striving for more.  We caught up with Liam to get the lowdown on what’s new at Webeo.

Liam, who has been working at Webeo since 2017, said: “Webeo is all about creating unbeatable personalized website experiences, so we want to practice what we preach when it comes to our software.”

He added: “It’s important to us that the software is user-friendly, gives users the ability to experiment with different personalizations, and ultimately delivers a positive impact for their business.  We’ve made some exciting changes and added features that will support this mission.”

The Webeo team has been rolling out changes since the new year.  Liam spoke to us about each new feature and how it will make the Webeo experience even better for customers — from improving the web personalization features available to offering more visitor insight.  The new features include:

  • An enhanced editor
  • Traffic split ability
  • Updated reporting suite
  • Customer feedback portal

The Webeo team started by enhancing the website editor — the update makes it easier to navigate and gives users the chance to create more dynamic website personalization.

“Users can make changes to the font, color, text, backgrounds… the new and improved editor gives you much more freedom.  The easier to it is to create personalized experiences, the better!”  Explained Liam.

Webeo has also introduced several features that enable users to test the effectiveness of their personalizations — from the ability to traffic split to a completely updated reporting suite.  Liam explained the importance of being able to test how successful personalizations are.

He said: “As you would expect with our product, there is an element of experimentation to website personalization.  We’ve introduced a totally new reporting suite so users can truly see how their campaigns are performing, understand where the success is happening, and where to make any changes.”

The updated reporting suite shows users a visual representation of their real time personalization success — it includes graphs and charts, so users can see clearly what is taking off and what needs amending.  Users can select a timescale and receive a breakdown of their visitors — they’ll get an insight into the industry, the number of personalizations, unique visits, bounce rate and visit duration.  If customers need to make changes to their website or the audience they are targeting, this is where they can see that.

In a similar way, the new traffic splitting feature is perfect for companies looking to split test their website.  The feature enables users to split their audience traffic so that a given amount will receive a personalized web experience, and the remaining won’t.  Liam spoke of the importance of split testing for personalization.

“Being able to split the traffic gives an “apples to apples” comparison on how successful personalizations are.  It’s so beneficial to see a direct comparison of performance between those visitors who see personalized content and those who don’t.  It helps users plan future campaigns and achieve optimum success!”  Said Liam.

In ensuring users get the most out of Webeo, the team has introduced a customer feedback portal, too.  This way, no voice goes unheard!  With a free text submission form, customers can let the team know what they’d like to see.  Within the portal, users will also see a brand-new voting system.  This gives customers the ability to select features they’d like to see Webeo adopt in the future — with options such as a pop-up builder and form fills.

Speaking of gained customer insight, Liam said: “Like any business, our customers are extremely valuable to us, and it’s no secret that the companies who get to know their customers the most are the ones that win.  We want to make ensure their experience with Webeo is enjoyable, easy and delivers exactly what they want.”

He added: “We love speaking with our customers and understanding what they want to see.  Ultimately, what we work on is driven by our customers, so this helps us ensure we’re putting our customers first, and that all our new features are created and developed with them in mind.”

2019 has been an exciting year for Webeo.  With hordes of new customers and exciting opportunities ahead, the future’s looking bright for the web personalization software company.

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