What’s new at Webeo?  Is a series of articles that delves into new developments, updates and on goings at the leading website personalization software company. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s new.

2019 has been a fast-paced, exciting year for the team at Webeo.  And we’re only halfway through!  As the desire for personalized marketing continues to soar, there’s a whole host of exciting new features available.  And, we have welcomed some new faces, too.  It’s time to get to know the faces behind the website personalization brand.  Today, we meet Gary Duxbury, website personalization specialist at Webeo.  He joined the team back in May of this year and is making a real contribution to the wider Webeo experience.

Gary is loving his new role in personalization software and is really getting to grips with website personalization technology.  He is one of our team members that is lucky enough to get a hands-on experience with the product.  But what does working as a website personalization specialist actually involve?

Gary said: “As the web personalization specialist, I’m responsible for creating one-to-one experiences for key prospects, and one-to-many campaigns that aim to engage as many visitors as possible. My job is also to create website personalizations on the Webeo site.  Essentially, I spend all day, every day using Webeo!”

He added: “Being hands on with the product means I get to understand how the end user will experience the product.  This enables us to improve, grow and experiment with new ideas.  What I do contributes to digital marketing, but also the way we shape and evolve the product.”

Ensuring the Webeo team has a great understanding of the product is crucial, but we also want our team to be passionate about site personalization.  Gary is an advocate for all things personalized experience, and this filters through his work.

He said: “The software is seriously impressive! You can change content with a matter of clicks and then decide which of your website visitors see this without your base website ever being affected. I am currently running more than 100 campaigns, and I get to see the reactions of visitors when they see the experience that I’ve crafted from them. It is definitely exciting.”

Not only is Gary passionate about the personalization software product, but also about the Webeo brand.  He spoke about what being part of the team means to him.

“Webeo is at the forefront of website personalization for B2B.  It’s exciting to see the positive results it yields for our clients.  We have such a determined team working together, so there is nothing we won’t be able to achieve” Gary said.

He added: “Each team member brings with them a different set of skills and abilities.  Thanks to our collaborative nature we are always teaching each other new things.  I don’t believe there’s a been a week I have gone home without learning something new from my colleagues”

As Webeo continues to grow so rapidly it is great to see other brands become excited about personalized web experience.  Gary has been able to see this throughout his time with Webeo so far.

“We attended the B2B Marketing Expo 2019 at the London Excel. The appetite in the market was evident -we were swamped! So we are very much looking forward to exhibiting at Technology for Marketing in September this year” Gary said.

He added: “This was the first event I had ever attended or exhibited at, and it really opened my eyes to how successful we are going to be as a product and company.  Everyone that saw a quick demonstration over those two days had the same reaction — WOW!  These were industry experts, most of which hadn’t heard about us yet.  And all were able to see the potential in and share our excitement for what is some truly amazing software.”

All in all, Gary is enjoying his Webeo experience so far.  He is an asset to the team, and we expect big and exciting things for Gary and the entire Webeo team going forward.

Speaking of how he feels about Webeo, he said: ‘Website personalization is the future for B2B marketing.  Webeo is at the forefront of this movement.  I am so honored to be a part of everything we are achieving.  I can’t wait to take a step back one day and say, ‘I was a part of that’.”

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