Team Webeo is over-the-moon to announce that they’re now a multi-award winning organization after winning two Gold awards from the B2B Marketing 2020 Martech Awards! The winners were announced via social media, with a daily announcement commencing from March 30th, 2020. Webeo was announced as ‘UK-founded Martech Vendor of the Year’ on March 31st. This celebrates ‘the UK’s home-grown martech scene’ — and Webeo was recognized as the Gold Winner for factors such as its product enhancements, marketing activity, and customer engagement. Later, on April 1st, it was announced as ‘Emerging Vendor of the Year (less than three years old)’, which recognizes martech businesses that have ‘recently arrived’ to the market — showcasing how they’ve disrupted the market and accelerated growth.

Gemma Mullin, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Webeo, said: “Personalization really has taken the B2B marketing world by storm, and the Webeo team is so proud of everything we’re doing to pave the way for marketers to transform their websites. We’re thrilled to have been recognized by such an established organization!” 

She added: “Awards like these enable relatively new businesses like Webeo to shout even louder about the great work they’re doing. We can’t wait to see how our multiple-award winning success will help us going forward! We’ve already achieved so much and it really is just the start for Webeo.”

Webeo was founded back in 2017 and has been leading the way in B2B website personalization since its launch. The demand for bespoke online experiences is growing, and that includes from B2B buyers. The organization’s HQ is in Portsmouth, UK — but because of the current climate, the 30-member-strong team has found themselves working from home. There was no stopping the virtual celebrations, however! Via video communications tool Zoom, the team got together and celebrated both award wins in style. Some members even brought their children and furry friends along to join the party. You can watch the full celebration video here.

Gemma said: “As a close-knit group, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share our success together. If we’d have been in the office, there would definitely have been a celebration! It brought a smile to our faces — not only celebrating the fantastic win and recognizing the incredible work we all do each day, but also doing so while we’re working ‘together apart’.”

Webeo is a dynamic personalization software that transforms static B2B websites into engaging online experiences. The tool utilizes a global leading database of business IP addresses, so it recognizes visitors as they land on your site and tailors the experience in real-time to meet their specific needs. This way, users can create the perfect website for every visitor, every time.
Alter the language, imagery, content, greetings and calls-to-action displayed on your website — helping to boost conversion-rates, reduce bounce-rates, increase the time potential buyers spend on your site, and improve customer experience as a whole. Discover the power of website personalization and book your Webeo demonstration today.