The Webeo team is thrilled to share a 5* review from workplace products supplier brand AJ Products.  Webeo are obsessed with ensuring customer success for all of our clients, so we’re delighted to share the recognition that all the hard work is proving fruitful.  As a relatively young company, it’s great to see established industry leaders such as AJ Products not only among our client roster, but also experiencing a positive outcome thanks to our website personalization software.  We spoke to Madalina Cooper, Digital Marketing Specialist at AJ Products, who has seen numerous benefits from utilizing Webeo.  Here’s what she had to say about our leading software:

“We have used Webeo for almost 2 years now and we have seen great results from utilizing the tool. By adding personalization to our page, our stats have improved across the board — from bounce rate to average page views, and conversion rate to revenue from our website. I would recommend Webeo to any B2B trying to improve its website stats.” — Madalina Cooper, Digital Marketing Specialist at AJ Products.

As an organization with a number of different products, AJ Products often found it difficult to push the right content to the right industry.  This is a common pitfall for B2B organizations generally, so the team was certainly not alone.  It’s a pain point that website personalization can solve.  Thanks to the Webeo software, the brand can now target and identify the industries visiting their website, as well as seeing the pages those industries are looking at.  Since the brand started working with Webeo, it has seen a whole host of benefits to its site and wider business.  AJ Products saw a bounce rate decrease of 100%, and 170% increase in CRO.  It also saw an increased quality score from PPC — which means lower cost per click from paid traffic.  Since implementing the software, AJ products has seen an increase of £100,000 in revenue, just from utilizing Webeo.  That’s an incredible result!

Madalina added: “Webeo has had a tremendous impact on our marketing strategy. Our MD is extremely happy with the results it’s delivering.”

There are multiple ways your brand can effectively use the Webeo software.  From targeting industries to greeting specific ABM prospects by business name.  In essence, it’s all about maximizing the return from your B2B website.  From the outset, your success is our mission.  You’ll get access to our Customer Success team — they’ll ensure the maximum return on investment and help you exceed your business goals.  Then, you get the ultimate freedom in personalizing and tailoring your content.  Your Customer Success Manager will be by your side from the outset — they’ll ensure you know how to use the software, help establish goals, and assist you in creating your very first personalization.  Then, they’ll continue to be on-hand throughout your site personalization journey.

The software is especially valuable for businesses that offer a range of products and services, and work across multiple industries and sectors.  This type of organization is especially apparent in the B2B sector.  When a visitor lands on your site, the Webeo software will create an entirely personalized experience based on the IP address of the business visiting.  Based on a set of criteria selected by you, your visitors will see the right content in the right place at just the right time.  The software enables creative freedom and is always improving its capabilities and user experience.  We recently spoke to Webeo Product Manager, Liam Winzar, who gave us the lowdown on the latest updates to the software — including an enhanced editor, traffic split ability, an updated reporting suite and customer feedback portal.  You can find out more here.

You can watch the full chat with Madalina, to find out just how Webeo has taken the brand’s website to the next level, achieved incredible results and proven success.  To see more kind words and client success stories from a range of our satisfied customers, take a look at our customer success stories.

Webeo is a first-in-class website personalization technology that creates personalized website content for your B2B website visitors.  It works by tailoring your existing website based on the IP address of the visitor and creating a unique, personalized web experience for them.  Stand out to your target industries and accounts, impress existing customers and show dream prospects what you can do.  Alter the imagery, text, messaging and CTAs of your site.  It’s time to discover Webeo. Request your demonstration today!