According to the US Association of National Advertisers, ‘personalization’ was named the marketing word of the year in 2019. We’re not surprised — at Webeo, we truly believe in the power of on-site personalization and have witnessed, first-hand, just how transformative our personalization software has been for B2B organizations from a whole host of industries. Recently, in an article by The Drum, personalization was met with some criticism, being dubbed ‘2020’s most overhyped marketing practice’. The article stated that the popularity of personalization was largely due to MarTech organizations praising the technology that they produce and provide — and suggested that consumers aren’t comfortable with the approaches used to achieve personalization.

We get it — in a world where social platforms like Facebook seem to follow our every move, and data breach scandals make headlines, sometimes it feels as if we can’t escape our online data following us around and being used to create personalized experiences. Firstly, it’s important to remember that as long as personalization is being achieved in a lawful and ethical way — like the global leading database of business IP addresses that Webeo utilizes to create its bespoke online experiences — then there’s nothing to fear. And, at the heart of personalization, is great customer experience. The more bespoke the experience is for your customer, the more enjoyable their journey is, and therefore, the more valuable their interaction with your brand.

For the B2B world in particular — where multiple, busy decision-makers are trying to come to a conclusion — it’s customer experience that will make your brand stand out. If your website visitor’s experience with you is highly-relevant, the content they’re looking for is right in front of them, and there is a clear indication that your business is a leader in their industry — then you’ve just made their decision, and their buyer journey, a little easier for them. That’s a great result for both you and your customer.

For now, let’s forget about what personalization is and the awesome reputation it has acquired in recent years. Instead, let’s explore what personalization does. It can support a whole variety of your wider marketing objectives, help you meet your business goals and prove measurable, impactful results. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of personalization in action, and the success it has brought to B2B organizations all over.

You’ll generate more leads

A personalized website will help you capture more leads than ever before. A bespoke, real-time online experience reassures your site visitor that they’re in the right place — grabbing their attention for long enough to transform them from a one-time visitor to a website lead. Knauf Insulation is a world-leading manufacturer of insulation materials — after just six weeks of using Webeo, the brand saw a 5% increase in leads generated from their contact page and homepage alone.

It proves ROI fast

When it comes to technology investments, proving ROI is an age-old concern for marketers everywhere. It can take a while for software to make an impact — and often, it can be tough to measure success. But, personalization software proves its value fast — in fact, award-winning event management agency, in2events, saw a return on investment of 500% in just six months of using Webeo.

Your page views and time spent on site will increase

Website personalization can increase the time spent on your business website — as well as improving your user journey and displaying the most relevant content for maximum impact. Design and innovation consultancy The PDD Group  saw numerous benefits of using Webeo in just 18 months. The average number of pages viewed per visit increased from 1.68 per visit to 2.83 — and, the time spent on their site grew from just 1 minute 6 seconds to 3 minutes 43 seconds.

Your bounce rates will drop, and your conversion rate will soar

When a business lands on your website, you have just a few seconds to engage that visitor. If your site is generic, with no clear indication as to why the visitor should stay — what’s keeping them there? Personalization can dramatically reduce your bounce rates, keeping your visitors engaged for longer. And remember, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to make a conversion. Webeo works with integration provider TrueCommerce — in just 11 months, the organization’s bounce rates dropped from 67.71% to 44.34%. And, the brand achieved a conversion rate of 50% on the contact page for one of their target industries.

At Webeo, our software is designed by marketers, for marketers. While our software transforms your marketing measurables, customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Every Webeo client is allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help ensure that you get the most out of our software — and that the on-site experiences you create are designed with your customers in mind. Supercharge your marketing results, maximize your website, and create the perfect experience for every visitor, every time. If you want to find out more about bespoke on-site experiences for your B2B organization, don’t hesitate! To discover the power of personalization for yourself, book your free Webeo demonstration today.