Personalized marketing is a powerful tool that enables businesses to create bespoke, highly-relevant marketing experiences for their customers. From tailored content marketing materials and targeted adverts to email segmentation and on-site personalization technology — the future of B2B marketing is here, and it’s all about personalization. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. And, Smarter HQ found that 90% of consumers are willing to share their behavioral data if it means seeing additional benefits that make shopping cheaper or easier. Consumers love it! And, B2B organizations are slowly but surely following in the footsteps of the B2C marketing community. That doesn’t just go for in-house marketers either — it’s time for agencies to get personal, too! Let’s explore how agencies can yield the best results with personalization.

Use personalization to stay ahead of competitors

According to Evergage, 92% of marketers reported using personalization techniques in their marketing. And, it’s growing in popularity — Ad Age found that, when asked to prioritize one capability that will be most important in the future, one-third of marketers said ‘personalization’. As data becomes more readily available and technology advances, we expect to see personalized marketing to get bigger and better. So, if you’re not already adopting a personalized approach — for you and your clients — you risk falling behind your competitors. Agencies need to stand out — and, it’s their job to help their clients do the same. If your competitors are embracing a personalized approach and implementing website personalization, then they are already miles ahead. To thrive, agencies need to evolve — and personalization is at the heart of marketing evolution.

Target new business with bespoke communications

As an agency, it’s likely you work with a whole host of businesses and industries. Even if you consider your organization to be ‘sector-specific’, there will be a variety of businesses within the sector you work in. Generic marketing messaging and a one-size-fits-all website can be complicated for businesses to navigate, and you risk putting off potential customers. Personalization is a great way for agencies to segment their audience into smaller groups that share similarities, or even implement an account-based marketing approach to reach dream clients. By adopting a personalized approach, agencies can create relevant content, share case-studies and testimonials from like-minded businesses and showcase that you’re a leader in their industry. Think about it — does a potential bank client want to know you’re ‘an award-winning marketing agency’, or do they want to know you’ve been ‘delivering marketing success for the financial sector for 20 years’?

Build customer relationships

Traditionally, B2B marketers don’t have it as easy as consumer marketers. Our lead pools are smaller; our products are often niche and costly, and our buyer journeys aren’t particularly straight-forward. Plus, we don’t often get the advantage of having engaging imagery at our fingertips, our customers making impulse purchases, or sharing user-generated content online.
Trying to build professional relationships and prioritize customer experience can be tough when your customers are other businesses selling to other businesses! Personalization helps turn B2B marketing on its head — proving that it’s no longer about being robotic and one-size-fits-all. Instead, clients can speak directly to potential buyers by creating tailored content, sharing relevant stories and fostering loyalty. In fact, according to Smarter HQ, brand loyalty among millennials increases by around 28% thanks to personalized marketing communications.

Optimize campaign results for clients

Clients spend large quantities of money when it comes to outsourcing to a marketing agency. And, in turn, agencies put hordes of effort, time and resources into executing campaigns across digital channels to help them succeed. But, if the content you’re producing, social posts you’re sharing, and digital advertisements you’re displaying are all linking back to a less-than-impressive website, what will happen when a visitor lands? They’ll exit fast, move on to a similar business and you’ll miss out on an opportunity. Website personalization changes that — improving the relevance of the site, keeping visitors around for longer and increasing the likelihood of transforming them from a one-off visitor into an engaged customer. Even a personalized call-to-action can convert as many as 42% more visitors than a standard one, according to Kyleads.

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