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SmartRecruiters personalized online journeys increased conversion rates by 393%

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“Since using Webeo we’ve seen our audience interact with us so much more; our online leads have drastically increased and our conversion rates are up by almost 400%. We really couldn’t do without Webeo now after seeing these results. Plus, our prospects have a much warmer relationship with our brand.”

“Our experience with Webeo has been very positive. Our Customer Success Manager has helped us set up campaigns and drive ideas on how we can grow our outreach, expand our differentiation and personalization on our website. Webeo has opened a lot of doors for us; encouraging us to think about where the opportunities are for new customers and increase the range of people we’re targeting through personalization that are visiting our website.”

“Webeo enabled smart recruiters to personalize at scale, starting with verticals – focusing on key sectors and prioritizing those with highest site traffic to maximize impact – really considering what information they need.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Webeo personalization work?

Our technology overlays your existing website, enabling adjustments to content, imagery, calls to action and text in real-time. All without changing the base code of your website or worrying about complex Content Management Systems.

Can I refine the personalization?

You can use Webeo to segment your audience by any characteristic – by organization, location, size, industry, behavior, or a matrixed approach based on a selection of these firmographics. This is proven to drive powerful results, as segmentation ensures relevance by enabling you to position your business as an expert in your prospects’ field.

What about the cost?

We’re serious about personalization, and as such, our pricing structures are completely tailored to your business, based on your current website traffic volumes.

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