Webeo @ Technology for Marketing 2019

What’s on at Webeo? Is a series of articles that delves into fundraisers, events, charity work and ongoings at the leading website personalization software company. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s on!

We’re excited to announce that on 25-26 September, the Webeo team will be heading to London’s Olympia for this year’s Technology for Marketing exhibition!  The two day event — which sees more than 15,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors — will be huge for the world of B2B marketers.  With a focus on all things tech and data, the event is guaranteed to provide insight into how marketers could and should be utilizing it.  With a speaker line-up including marketing professionals from the likes of Adobe, Co-op, Birchbox, Visa and more, attendees are sure to learn a thing or two from some of the industry’s best.  The event will see more than 300 speakers and explore trends from the MarTech landscape — marketers and advertisers who want to stay in the know should be sure to attend! Register here to join the Webeo team #TFM19.

Gemma Mullin, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Webeo, said: “The technology available to marketers is always growing, improving and expanding capabilities.  At Webeo, we are passionate about making developments within our team and our software.  That’s what TFM is all about.”

She added: “As a leader in personalization software, it is crucial for Webeo to stay in the know and be a real part of the technology for marketing community.  Software can be an absolute game-changer for marketing teams and businesses as a whole, so TFM is a great opportunity to fuel yourself with knowledge and insight.”

Discovering the world of website personalization can be revolutionary for your marketing efforts.  Personalization is far from a new concept — but B2B organizations are lightyears behind consumer brands when it comes to personalized marketing.  Webeo is a personalization software that can help you wow website visitors, improve customer experience, enhance CRO and make your way to the top of the search engine by creating individual experiences.  Personalization is no longer a preference — it’s a demand.  Webeo helps bring the personalized marketing experience that consumer brands do so well to the B2B world.  Thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, Webeo works in real time, creating bespoke experience based on the organization your visitor is from.

By providing unique experiences for each of your website visitors, your organization is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.  Support your ABM strategy, impress target industries, give first-time visitors a reason to return, and remind long-standing customers why they work with you.  The easy-to-use software enables you to tailor the content, language and imagery your website visitors sees, and even greet them by business name.  This way they can be met with a web page that resonates with them as a brand and positions you as a leader in their industry.  Mass marketing is out, and so are static B2B websites.  Combine a personalized website experience with a wider personalization strategy for the ultimate marketing success, and watch your business reap the rewards.

If you are looking to utilize personalization technology to take your website to the next level, don’t miss out! Visit stand A42 where the team will be ready to answer any burning questions you have about Webeo.  We also want to show you the magic of personalization!  Visit the stand and see a demonstration of the Webeo software in action on your own business website.  We’ve also enlisted the magic of Candy Mechanics for the duration of the event so that everyone who sees a demonstration recieved personalized chocolate look-alike thanks to the power of 3D printing. Don’t miss out!

Gemma said: “We pride ourselves on our global leading database, and understand that high-quality, accurate data is so valuable today.  Gaining an understanding of how to utilize it to enhance your business, improve customer relationships and skyrocket your website is so important for marketers.  An event dedicated to exploring that is so crucial.”

She added: “We love getting to speak with fellow marketers and show them exactly what Webeo can do.  Come and discover Webeo — meet the team and find out how we can help you use the power of personalization to get the most out of your marketing efforts.”

Webeo is a leading website personalization technology that creates personalized website content for your site visitors.  It works by tailoring your existing website based on the IP address of the visitor and creating a bespoke, personalized web experience for them.  Based on a set of criteria outlined by the user, impress your target audience, existing customers and dream prospects.  This could include altering the imagery, text, greeting and calls to action of your website to meet their needs.  If you can’t wait or are not attending Technology for Marketing – request your demonstration today!