What’s new at Webeo – Latest Digital: Futures videos released

What’s new at Webeo? Is a series of articles that delves into new developments, updates and on goings at the leading website personalization software company. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s new!

At Webeo, we’re passionate about personalization. We want to ensure that our friends in the marketing community understand the true value of creating individual on site experiences for their valuable website visitors. For example, did you know that 59% of consumers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business, according to Salesforce? Or, that McKinsey found personalization can increase the efficiency of marketing spend by up to 30%? And, that Adobe found that 77% of marketers believe real-time personalization is crucial? We love sharing information with you, and helping you make decisions about your own marketing approach going forward. Whether it’s strategy, technology or customer relationships, personalization plays such a significant role in enhancing what we do. We’re thrilled to announce the latest series of Digital: Futures videos has been released!

● Learn about how to get the most out of your [website personalization]. We look into how to maximize your site, getting to know your audience and the different stages of the buyer journey.
● Discover how to measure the success of your segmentation. We explore the rules, crucial stages, effective execution and measurement of the winning strategy.
● Get to know all things conversion rate optimization as we dive into what to consider in your CRO strategy. Learn to put your user at the forefront of your plan and make the most of quality data.
● Find some handy tips on ensuring CRO success. Fully understand the process and the importance of getting your metrics right from the outset.

These bite sized videos explore problems, solutions, hints, tips and tactics to help marketers take their approaches to the next level — with personalization at the heart of them.

Gemma Mullin, Brand and Influence Marketing Manager at Webeo, said: “Creating insightful content for fellow marketers to digest, share and learn from is a big part of what we do at Webeo. We understand that, for B2B marketers in particular, personalization can seem like a big step. We’re here to make it more achievable and show you how it can transform what you do.”

She added: “Whether you’re already creating individual online experiences for your B2B customers, or it’s something you’re interested in doing, we want to ensure that every marketer feels that the resources, technology and support are all available for them.”

At Webeo, we regularly share industry updates for you and your marketing teams to explore. Don’t forget to take a look at our resource library, where you can download educational content and gain insight into all things personalized marketing, for free. If you want to gain a formal marketing qualification, or further insight into the world of digital marketing from other industry leaders, discover some of our favorite online courses.

Not only is Webeo at the forefront of insightful personalization-focused content, our customers reap the rewards of our Customer Success team, too. We don’t just want to raise awareness of personalization — we want B2B marketers to get the most out of it. No matter what your marketing goals, no matter who your target customers, and no matter what size your business, there is a personalization solution for you. You may not think your business will benefit from customer personalization, but a quick look at our success stories and you’ll soon realize that’s not the case. We’ve helped businesses of all sectors and sizes achieve the most — from the CSR sector and events to workplace product suppliers and digital intelligence organizations.

Gemma said: “Creating the perfect website for every customer is a strategy that all businesses should have in place. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. B2B marketers need to play catch up to compete with the consumer, ecommerce and streaming giants that are leading the way — but with the right amount of information and support, we’re confident they’ll get there.”

She added: “If personalization is an approach that interests you, the best thing to do is book a demonstration with our team. Take a look at our content, gain an understanding and then get the chance to see what it’s capable of.”

Webeo has helped customers deliver an ROI of more than 500%, and created more than £100,000 in revenue. We recently received a 5* review from a digital marketing specialist, too. Don’t miss out. If you are looking to take your B2B website to the next level with bespoke customer experiences, discover the power of on site personalization. Give website visitors an experience they won’t forget with relevant content, tailored language and imagery that resonates with them. Greet users by business name and remind them that they matter to your organization. Discover Webeo. Request a free demonstration today!

Webeo @ Technology for Marketing 2019

What’s on at Webeo? Is a series of articles that delves into fundraisers, events, charity work and ongoings at the leading website personalization software company. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s on!

We’re excited to announce that on 25-26 September, the Webeo team will be heading to London’s Olympia for this year’s Technology for Marketing exhibition!  The two day event — which sees more than 15,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors — will be huge for the world of B2B marketers.  With a focus on all things tech and data, the event is guaranteed to provide insight into how marketers could and should be utilizing it.  With a speaker line-up including marketing professionals from the likes of Adobe, Co-op, Birchbox, Visa and more, attendees are sure to learn a thing or two from some of the industry’s best.  The event will see more than 300 speakers and explore trends from the MarTech landscape — marketers and advertisers who want to stay in the know should be sure to attend! Register here to join the Webeo team #TFM19.

Gemma Mullin, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Webeo, said: “The technology available to marketers is always growing, improving and expanding capabilities.  At Webeo, we are passionate about making developments within our team and our software.  That’s what TFM is all about.”

She added: “As a leader in personalization software, it is crucial for Webeo to stay in the know and be a real part of the technology for marketing community.  Software can be an absolute game-changer for marketing teams and businesses as a whole, so TFM is a great opportunity to fuel yourself with knowledge and insight.”

Discovering the world of website personalization can be revolutionary for your marketing efforts.  Personalization is far from a new concept — but B2B organizations are lightyears behind consumer brands when it comes to personalized marketing.  Webeo is a personalization software that can help you wow website visitors, improve customer experience, enhance CRO and make your way to the top of the search engine by creating individual experiences.  Personalization is no longer a preference — it’s a demand.  Webeo helps bring the personalized marketing experience that consumer brands do so well to the B2B world.  Thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, Webeo works in real time, creating bespoke experience based on the organization your visitor is from.

By providing unique experiences for each of your website visitors, your organization is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.  Support your ABM strategy, impress target industries, give first-time visitors a reason to return, and remind long-standing customers why they work with you.  The easy-to-use software enables you to tailor the content, language and imagery your website visitors sees, and even greet them by business name.  This way they can be met with a web page that resonates with them as a brand and positions you as a leader in their industry.  Mass marketing is out, and so are static B2B websites.  Combine a personalized website experience with a wider personalization strategy for the ultimate marketing success, and watch your business reap the rewards.

If you are looking to utilize personalization technology to take your website to the next level, don’t miss out! Visit stand A42 where the team will be ready to answer any burning questions you have about Webeo.  We also want to show you the magic of personalization!  Visit the stand and see a demonstration of the Webeo software in action on your own business website.  We’ve also enlisted the magic of Candy Mechanics for the duration of the event so that everyone who sees a demonstration recieved personalized chocolate look-alike thanks to the power of 3D printing. Don’t miss out!

Gemma said: “We pride ourselves on our global leading database, and understand that high-quality, accurate data is so valuable today.  Gaining an understanding of how to utilize it to enhance your business, improve customer relationships and skyrocket your website is so important for marketers.  An event dedicated to exploring that is so crucial.”

She added: “We love getting to speak with fellow marketers and show them exactly what Webeo can do.  Come and discover Webeo — meet the team and find out how we can help you use the power of personalization to get the most out of your marketing efforts.”

Webeo is a leading website personalization technology that creates personalized website content for your site visitors.  It works by tailoring your existing website based on the IP address of the visitor and creating a bespoke, personalized web experience for them.  Based on a set of criteria outlined by the user, impress your target audience, existing customers and dream prospects.  This could include altering the imagery, text, greeting and calls to action of your website to meet their needs.  If you can’t wait or are not attending Technology for Marketing – request your demonstration today!

5* review from Digital Marketing Specialist

The Webeo team is thrilled to share a 5* review from workplace products supplier brand AJ Products.  Webeo are obsessed with ensuring customer success for all of our clients, so we’re delighted to share the recognition that all the hard work is proving fruitful.  As a relatively young company, it’s great to see established industry leaders such as AJ Products not only among our client roster, but also experiencing a positive outcome thanks to our website personalization software.  We spoke to Madalina Cooper, Digital Marketing Specialist at AJ Products, who has seen numerous benefits from utilizing Webeo.  Here’s what she had to say about our leading software:

“We have used Webeo for almost 2 years now and we have seen great results from utilizing the tool. By adding personalization to our page, our stats have improved across the board — from bounce rate to average page views, and conversion rate to revenue from our website. I would recommend Webeo to any B2B trying to improve its website stats.” — Madalina Cooper, Digital Marketing Specialist at AJ Products.

As an organization with a number of different products, AJ Products often found it difficult to push the right content to the right industry.  This is a common pitfall for B2B organizations generally, so the team was certainly not alone.  It’s a pain point that website personalization can solve.  Thanks to the Webeo software, the brand can now target and identify the industries visiting their website, as well as seeing the pages those industries are looking at.  Since the brand started working with Webeo, it has seen a whole host of benefits to its site and wider business.  AJ Products saw a bounce rate decrease of 100%, and 170% increase in CRO.  It also saw an increased quality score from PPC — which means lower cost per click from paid traffic.  Since implementing the software, AJ products has seen an increase of £100,000 in revenue, just from utilizing Webeo.  That’s an incredible result!

Madalina added: “Webeo has had a tremendous impact on our marketing strategy. Our MD is extremely happy with the results it’s delivering.”

There are multiple ways your brand can effectively use the Webeo software.  From targeting industries to greeting specific ABM prospects by business name.  In essence, it’s all about maximizing the return from your B2B website.  From the outset, your success is our mission.  You’ll get access to our Customer Success team — they’ll ensure the maximum return on investment and help you exceed your business goals.  Then, you get the ultimate freedom in personalizing and tailoring your content.  Your Customer Success Manager will be by your side from the outset — they’ll ensure you know how to use the software, help establish goals, and assist you in creating your very first personalization.  Then, they’ll continue to be on-hand throughout your site personalization journey.

The software is especially valuable for businesses that offer a range of products and services, and work across multiple industries and sectors.  This type of organization is especially apparent in the B2B sector.  When a visitor lands on your site, the Webeo software will create an entirely personalized experience based on the IP address of the business visiting.  Based on a set of criteria selected by you, your visitors will see the right content in the right place at just the right time.  The software enables creative freedom and is always improving its capabilities and user experience.  We recently spoke to Webeo Product Manager, Liam Winzar, who gave us the lowdown on the latest updates to the software — including an enhanced editor, traffic split ability, an updated reporting suite and customer feedback portal.  You can find out more here.

You can watch the full chat with Madalina, to find out just how Webeo has taken the brand’s website to the next level, achieved incredible results and proven success.  To see more kind words and client success stories from a range of our satisfied customers, take a look at our customer success stories.

Webeo is a first-in-class website personalization technology that creates personalized website content for your B2B website visitors.  It works by tailoring your existing website based on the IP address of the visitor and creating a unique, personalized web experience for them.  Stand out to your target industries and accounts, impress existing customers and show dream prospects what you can do.  Alter the imagery, text, messaging and CTAs of your site.  It’s time to discover Webeo. Request your demonstration today!

Webeo hires new ABM Marketing Executive

What’s new at Webeo? Is a series of articles that delves into new developments, updates and on goings at the leading website personalization software company. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s new!

As we fast approach the end of Q3 and skyrocket towards Autumn, it’s safe to say the Webeo team has been consistently growing throughout 2019.  We recently introduced you to Website personalization specialist Gary Duxbury, and updated you on the latest new features, courtesy of Liam Winzar.  Now it’s time to meet the newest addition to the team — ABM Marketing Executive, Daniel Giannetta.

Daniel joined Webeo in July 2019, and has quickly gotten involved in a number of exciting projects, as well as gaining some valuable knowledge on the power of website personalization along the way.  But what exactly does an ABM Marketing Executive do, day-to-day?

Daniel said: “As ABM Marketing Executive, I am focused on prospecting to potential high-value leads using a variety of marketing tactics — but we are finding that direct mail especially is yeilding a result.  Account-based marketing is a great way to build relationships with prospects and get the brand name out there — it is really exciting to be introducing marketers to software as new and as innovative as Webeo.”

As a relatively young company itself, Webeo is keen on recruiting forward-thinking, creative talent that can help the brand soar.  So what is Daniel bringing to the table?

He said: “I studied Marketing with advertising management at Southampton Solent University, and then went on to complete a masters in advertising with multimedia communications.  While this is my first professional marketing role, I have spent the past few years learning about and immersing myself in all things marketing.  It has been interesting to put the skills I learned at university into practice, as well as gaining new industry knowledge along the way.”

As an ABM marketing executive, an integral part of Daniel’s role is to generate interest in the Webeo product among key prospects.  To get customers on board, we believe that each of our team members has to have a true understanding of how Webeo works and what it is capable of.  And, be passionate about the power of website personalization software.  Daniel has displayed a keen interest in the potential of Webeo for B2B organizations.

“It’s a new product — the first of its kind in the world.  It’s really exciting to be a part of that.  I love seeing and hearing positive feedback from ABM accounts that have been ‘wowed’ by what Webeo can do after receiving something I’ve worked on.  There is so much potential, and I look forward to helping more people hear about it.” said Daniel.

He added: “While I was aware of the software before I started, I have quickly been able to see just how beneficial it is for B2B organizations.  Especially those that work across multiple sectors and industries.  As a marketer myself, I can really see how a personalized website experience could be the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to personalized marketing.”

Daniel is enjoying his first steps in his marketing career, and is passionate about the Webeo brand.  But what is it like to work for the leading website personalization software organization?

“The Webeo team is a great one to be a part of — it’s fun, there is a good atmosphere and some fantastic incentives too.  Within my first month at the company, I was able to attend B2B events in Hampshire and Essex.   There, I was responsible for informing attendees about all things Webeo — it was great to get in front of prospects and see their reactions to the product.  I also got to take part in the company sports day, which was a great way to boost morale and keep spirits high.” Daniel said.

He added: “The company culture is positive, and the team is keen to see its members grow and develop within the business.  It is great to see that as a new starter!  It has definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of my first role post-university, and I look forward to progressing within the team.”

We’re thrilled Daniel is enjoying his experience with Webeo so far, and we predict exciting times ahead for the Webeo team as a whole.  Stay informed and up-to-date with all things Webeo by exploring Webeo Futures, the best place to discover all you need to know about personalization software.  Here, you can read about the latest news and trends in the world of website personalization and personalized marketing.

Are you a B2B marketer looking to advance your customer experience, improve CRO, impress ABM prospects or created personalized experiences for multiple industries? Don’t wait any longer — take your B2B website to the next level with the power of personalization, discover Webeo. Request a free demo today!

Sports Day 2019 is a summer success

What’s on at Webeo? Is a series of articles that delves into fundraisers, events, charity work and ongoings at the leading website personalization software business. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s on!

At Webeo, we believe a positive company culture is key to our success.  We’re also passionate about healthy competition, about giving back and about teambuilding.  So with the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing at the Portsmouth, UK office – we saw it as the perfect opportunity to embark on all our passions at once.

The Webeo Sports Day took place on Friday, 2 August 2019 and was a great success!  Sunshine, costumes and a break away from our desks to move around – all in the name of raising money for two fantastic charities.

Sports Day saw employees from across the company form teams of 5-8 members and take part in a number of traditional competitive activities — this included a three-legged race, an egg and spoon race, tug of war and space-hopper racing.  The sunny Friday afternoon ended with a 3 mile run around our Portsmouth office site, which is conveniently located adjacent to a glorious lake.  Costumes were strongly encouraged — the event was hosted by Webeo founders Paul Thomas and Henry Braithwaite, who both sported Hawaiian hula attire!

Managing Director, Paul Thomas, said: “We feel strongly about the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle at Webeo.  It’s something we try to encourage across the team — not just on Sports Day but every day.”

He added: “We believe it should be of the utmost importance to everyone — it helps our employees perform better at work, live healthier lives and have a little bit of competitive fun at the same time. We also offer a number of healthy lifestyle opportunities at our Portsmouth office — including a gym, regular circuits class and yoga classes, and individual health and fitness sessions designed around the individual.”

All participating teams gave it their all — morale was high and each team worked hard to motivate their fellow team members.

1st – Sales Development Representatives.  This was a huge success for the team, who earned more than double the points than their second place competition.  Joint 2nd –  Customer Success Managers, and the IT team finishing.  4th – Sales who were last year’s winning team — came fourth followed by the Finance team in the fifth spot, the Data verification team avoided last place, leaving the marketing team to .

Webeo MD Paul Thomas added: “Sports Day is an annual occurrence at Webeo. Not only does it help boost employee morale, improve team spirit and encourage everyone to get up and move around – but it also gives us another chance to give back to charity.  Not to mention that everyone has a great time messing around and getting to spend some valuable time outside!”

He added: “At Webeo, we’re committed to giving back and determined to give our team the chance to raise money for causes that matter to them most.  This year, we raised more than £4,000 for MIND and Alzheimer’s Research UK — two charities that do truly incredible work and were voted for by the team to reciev the fund for this event.”

MIND provides advice and support to empower individuals experiencing a mental health problem.  The organization campaigns to improve Mental Health services and raise awareness and understanding. Find out more about MIND.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity. Their mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025, aiming for a world where people are free from the heartbreak of dementia. Find out more about Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Members of the Webeo team have been involved in a large number of charity endeavours over the past few years — including long-haul cycling challenges, skydives to mountain climbing. The staff also take part in regular company fundraisers, events and dress down days all with an aim of raising money for important charitable causes. Watch this space for updates on our latest events and endeavours to raise money for charity.

Webeo is the leading website personalization technology that creates personalized website content for each of your site visitors.  It works by tailoring your existing website based on the IP address of the visitor and creating a bespoke, personalized web experience for them. Based on a set of criteria outlined by the user, impress your target audience, existing customers and dream prospects. This could include altering the imagery, text, greeting and calls to action of your website to meet their needs. You can learn more about the power of website personalization here.

It’s time to discover Webeo. Request your demonstration today!

Webeo hires new personalization specialist

What’s new at Webeo?  Is a series of articles that delves into new developments, updates and on goings at the leading website personalization software company. Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s new.

2019 has been a fast-paced, exciting year for the team at Webeo.  And we’re only halfway through!  As the desire for personalized marketing continues to soar, there’s a whole host of exciting new features available.  And, we have welcomed some new faces, too.  It’s time to get to know the faces behind the website personalization brand.  Today, we meet Gary Duxbury, website personalization specialist at Webeo.  He joined the team back in May of this year and is making a real contribution to the wider Webeo experience.

Gary is loving his new role in personalization software and is really getting to grips with website personalization technology.  He is one of our team members that is lucky enough to get a hands-on experience with the product.  But what does working as a website personalization specialist actually involve?

Gary said: “As the web personalization specialist, I’m responsible for creating one-to-one experiences for key prospects, and one-to-many campaigns that aim to engage as many visitors as possible. My job is also to create website personalizations on the Webeo site.  Essentially, I spend all day, every day using Webeo!”

He added: “Being hands on with the product means I get to understand how the end user will experience the product.  This enables us to improve, grow and experiment with new ideas.  What I do contributes to digital marketing, but also the way we shape and evolve the product.”

Ensuring the Webeo team has a great understanding of the product is crucial, but we also want our team to be passionate about site personalization.  Gary is an advocate for all things personalized experience, and this filters through his work.

He said: “The software is seriously impressive! You can change content with a matter of clicks and then decide which of your website visitors see this without your base website ever being affected. I am currently running more than 100 campaigns, and I get to see the reactions of visitors when they see the experience that I’ve crafted from them. It is definitely exciting.”

Not only is Gary passionate about the personalization software product, but also about the Webeo brand.  He spoke about what being part of the team means to him.

“Webeo is at the forefront of website personalization for B2B.  It’s exciting to see the positive results it yields for our clients.  We have such a determined team working together, so there is nothing we won’t be able to achieve” Gary said.

He added: “Each team member brings with them a different set of skills and abilities.  Thanks to our collaborative nature we are always teaching each other new things.  I don’t believe there’s a been a week I have gone home without learning something new from my colleagues”

As Webeo continues to grow so rapidly it is great to see other brands become excited about personalized web experience.  Gary has been able to see this throughout his time with Webeo so far.

“We attended the B2B Marketing Expo 2019 at the London Excel. The appetite in the market was evident -we were swamped! So we are very much looking forward to exhibiting at Technology for Marketing in September this year” Gary said.

He added: “This was the first event I had ever attended or exhibited at, and it really opened my eyes to how successful we are going to be as a product and company.  Everyone that saw a quick demonstration over those two days had the same reaction — WOW!  These were industry experts, most of which hadn’t heard about us yet.  And all were able to see the potential in and share our excitement for what is some truly amazing software.”

All in all, Gary is enjoying his Webeo experience so far.  He is an asset to the team, and we expect big and exciting things for Gary and the entire Webeo team going forward.

Speaking of how he feels about Webeo, he said: ‘Website personalization is the future for B2B marketing.  Webeo is at the forefront of this movement.  I am so honored to be a part of everything we are achieving.  I can’t wait to take a step back one day and say, ‘I was a part of that’.”

To get to know more about all things online personalization, explore Webeo:Futures.  Here, we delve into the world of personalization and everything that goes along with it. If you’re looking to propel your B2B website with the power of personalization, it’s time to discover Webeo.  With access to a global leading database of IP addresses and a whole host of web page personalization options, your website visitors will get an experience that they won’t forget. Request a free demonstration today!

What’s new at Webeo?

What’s new at Webeo?  Is a series of articles that delves into new developments, updates and on goings at the leading website personalization software company.  Watch this space for the latest insights into what’s new.

At Webeo, we are always looking for new ways to make our product even better.  Since its launch back in 2016, we have worked to ensure Webeo is the ultimate in website personalization.  With a global leading IP address database and a team of experts at hand, Webeo is helping businesses transform static websites into unique customer experiences for several big-name clients.  But according to Webeo Product Manager, Liam Winzar, the team behind the leading personalization software is continually striving for more.  We caught up with Liam to get the lowdown on what’s new at Webeo.

Liam, who has been working at Webeo since 2017, said: “Webeo is all about creating unbeatable personalized website experiences, so we want to practice what we preach when it comes to our software.”

He added: “It’s important to us that the software is user-friendly, gives users the ability to experiment with different personalizations, and ultimately delivers a positive impact for their business.  We’ve made some exciting changes and added features that will support this mission.”

The Webeo team has been rolling out changes since the new year.  Liam spoke to us about each new feature and how it will make the Webeo experience even better for customers — from improving the web personalization features available to offering more visitor insight.  The new features include:

  • An enhanced editor
  • Traffic split ability
  • Updated reporting suite
  • Customer feedback portal

The Webeo team started by enhancing the website editor — the update makes it easier to navigate and gives users the chance to create more dynamic website personalization.

“Users can make changes to the font, color, text, backgrounds… the new and improved editor gives you much more freedom.  The easier to it is to create personalized experiences, the better!”  Explained Liam.

Webeo has also introduced several features that enable users to test the effectiveness of their personalizations — from the ability to traffic split to a completely updated reporting suite.  Liam explained the importance of being able to test how successful personalizations are.

He said: “As you would expect with our product, there is an element of experimentation to website personalization.  We’ve introduced a totally new reporting suite so users can truly see how their campaigns are performing, understand where the success is happening, and where to make any changes.”

The updated reporting suite shows users a visual representation of their real time personalization success — it includes graphs and charts, so users can see clearly what is taking off and what needs amending.  Users can select a timescale and receive a breakdown of their visitors — they’ll get an insight into the industry, the number of personalizations, unique visits, bounce rate and visit duration.  If customers need to make changes to their website or the audience they are targeting, this is where they can see that.

In a similar way, the new traffic splitting feature is perfect for companies looking to split test their website.  The feature enables users to split their audience traffic so that a given amount will receive a personalized web experience, and the remaining won’t.  Liam spoke of the importance of split testing for personalization.

“Being able to split the traffic gives an “apples to apples” comparison on how successful personalizations are.  It’s so beneficial to see a direct comparison of performance between those visitors who see personalized content and those who don’t.  It helps users plan future campaigns and achieve optimum success!”  Said Liam.

In ensuring users get the most out of Webeo, the team has introduced a customer feedback portal, too.  This way, no voice goes unheard!  With a free text submission form, customers can let the team know what they’d like to see.  Within the portal, users will also see a brand-new voting system.  This gives customers the ability to select features they’d like to see Webeo adopt in the future — with options such as a pop-up builder and form fills.

Speaking of gained customer insight, Liam said: “Like any business, our customers are extremely valuable to us, and it’s no secret that the companies who get to know their customers the most are the ones that win.  We want to make ensure their experience with Webeo is enjoyable, easy and delivers exactly what they want.”

He added: “We love speaking with our customers and understanding what they want to see.  Ultimately, what we work on is driven by our customers, so this helps us ensure we’re putting our customers first, and that all our new features are created and developed with them in mind.”

2019 has been an exciting year for Webeo.  With hordes of new customers and exciting opportunities ahead, the future’s looking bright for the web personalization software company.

To find out more about site personalization, take a look at Webeo:Futures. Gain insight into all things personalization and learn how to take your B2B website to the skies.  Discover Webeo and book your free demonstration today!