We are in an era of highly-personalized experiences. Mass marketing is out, and one-fit approaches no longer see the best results. Think about your favorite B2C brands. The user experience, marketing materials and website will have personalization at their core. For marketers to achieve the ultimate success, they need to shift their focus to their audience, and prioritize creating individual experiences. That’s where personalized marketing approaches come in. It’s not only preferred by customers — it is expected. And often, buyers have become so accustomed to tailored experiences, that they are frustrated by or uninterested in impersonal communications. According to Smarter HQ, 80% of frequent shoppers say they only shop with brands that personalize their experiences. And, Retail Touchpoints found that 36% of consumers believe brands should offer more personalization in their marketing.

The digital marketing trends of 2020

Digital marketing doesn’t stop. The next big thing is always on the horizon, and as marketers, it is crucial to stay one step ahead at all times. But what’s on the horizon for 2020?

● Voice search: changing SEO as we know it

When planning your digital marketing strategy, SEO should be a key consideration. But going forward, organizations will need to consider optimizing their websites for voice search. If your target audience is made up of 18-29 year old in particular this is important, as 71% of them use mobile personal assistants according to Thrive Analytics.

● AI continues to grow

According to IDC, world-wide data will grow continue to grow by 61% by 2025. So, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is predicted to get bigger, better and more commonplace. Today, so many businesses are not utilizing it to its full capacity. Organizations should consider implementing it to boost productivity, increase revenue and maximize their marketing.

● Integrated marketing technology for a seamless experience

According to Oracle, only 8% of those using marketing technology felt it had been implemented well. For this reason, a rise in all-under-one-roof software to support an integrated marketing strategy is on the horizon. This could streamline personalized marketing processes, helping with content creation, social automation, lead nurture and more.

● Customer retention and experience will become a main focus

Customer experience is growing in importance. If it isn’t already at the heart of your strategy, then going forward in needs to become embedded in what you do. According to Zendesk, 87% of shoppers share good experiences, and 95% share bad experiences. Either way, it’s in your best interest to provide a quality experience to your valuable customers.

● Personalization at the heart of marketing

According to Janrain, 94% of marketers plan to focus on data, personalization technology and customer data management to deliver personalized experiences. With an increase in demand for excellent customer experience and a predicted uptake in automation, it’s no wonder that personalization will continue to grow in 2020. The more seamless and individualized a potential customer’s online experience, the more likely they are to convert and improve on key marketing metrics across the board.

How personalized marketing can boost your conversion rate

Econsultancy found that 93% of organizations see an uplift in conversion rates thanks to personalization. This makes perfect sense when we discover the power and popularity of personalized approaches. From seamless customer experiences across digital touchpoints to product recommendations, it’s no surprise that tailored communications enhance the likelihood of conversion. Consider developing bespoke communications for each of your audience segments and ensuring every marketing message they receive meets their needs. From the content they discover on social media and emails the receive, through to the images, language, greetings and content that meets them on your website.

Getting more from your website strategy

Website personalization should be a core part of your wider strategy. As the digital hub of your business, your site is where visitors land and expect to find everything they need to know about your organization. But remember, B2B buyers are consumers in their personal lives. For your website to be effective, it needs to offer personalized content and a user-friendly journey, prioritizing customer experience above everything else. To get the most from your website strategy, you need to set goals and work towards them. Consider improving your SEO, optimizing conversion and testing performance to ensure success. And, remember to put personalization and individualized experiences at the center of what you do.

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