Website personalization outlines the process of dynamically customizing your website content to instantly align with the visitor. A website without personalization features and additions offers a static website experience, the same for every visitor no matter their business background or industry requirements. Whilst this may have been successful in the past, 73% of your modern buyers instantly expect personalized online experiences, including search bar predictions and recommended content. The need to personalize your website is growing ever-more essential.

But embracing website personalization is a large business commitment, in budget, time and resources. How can you be sure this strategy is right for your team? What does a website personalization approach mean for your business? Discover the pros and cons of website personalization, understanding the key benefits and challenges this approach offers your organization.

Website personalization pros:

  • Online audience understanding: Embarking on a website personalization strategy offers your team valuable insight into your current online audience, and their trending behaviour. Knowing which industries actively visit your site, what content they download and what calls to action entice their interest helps your team create the ultimate online experience. Website personalization strategies also help your team assess whether the audience you’re currently attracting are right for your product. If your marketing efforts are targeting the wrong businesses, you’ll struggle to see the desired results from online marketing.
  • Increased website conversion: Website personalizations have been proven to increase website conversion rates by at least 93%. When offering website visitors content and testimonials that speak directly to their industry, and product messaging specific to their individual use case, they’ll easily understand why your brand and services will benefit their business, giving them little reason not to inquire with your team. This strategy also guides visitors towards customized calls to action, continually heightening the chance of successful conversion.
  • Optimized website ranking: This attention given to promoting visitor specific messaging surrounding product use cases and key benefits increases the relevancy of your offering across a variety of searches. This, in turn, improves your website ranking, making it easier for ideal, target audiences and business to discover your brand, understand your product and realize a need for what you offer. Website personalization doesn’t just improve natural website traffic, it helps ensure you gain traffic most valuable to your business.
  • Increase AOV: Website personalization enables your team to intricately outline your unique selling points and essential product value. This is especially beneficial when offering a variety of products, or multiple diverse use cases specific to industry processes. This aspect of website personalization has been proven to increase average order value by as much as 800%, proving the quality of leads gained through this approach- they already understand your product and how they might use it.
  • Heightened ROI: All this revenue gain leads to something very important- exceptional return on investment. Before undertaking a new strategy or approach, outlining the likelihood of achieving a return from your investment is key. Recent studies show customizing your homepage alone can increase sales activity by 10%, and those investing in website personalization tools like Webeo have seen ROI in excess of 12,000%, thanks to the increase in lead quantity, lead quality and overall brand outlook.
  • Luxury, individual experience: Website personalization is the secret to standing out above the crowd, offering your valuable website visitors a completely bespoke and highly relevant online journey. By instantly answering their business needs and questions with tailored content and a compelling product proposal, your visitors will have little need to continue research into competitors, as you offer a superior solution boosted by the increased attention to detail and, luxury end-to-end user journey only website personalization can promote.

Website personalization cons:

  • Data collection and analysis:

    Though 80% of businesses claim to be driven by data, over 70% admit to lacking the complete data sets required to run effectively personalized campaigns. Gathering the necessary data needed to fuel an effective website personalization approach can be challenging; though some tools gathering the necessary website analytics needed to best understand current website interaction and engagement, without properly outlining your ideal audiences and dream clients, your website personalization approach will lack the required focus to effectively tailor website experiences.

  • Resources:

    With target audiences identified, your team can then face another challenge, specifically in finding the appropriate resources to create the desired number of website personalizations. If you’re keen to offer five different versions of your homepage to key sectors, this can be done with relative ease and speed, but when looking to customize multiple pages to 50 or 100 key accounts for a detailed ABM approach, you face a demanding task. Finding the team members, time and budget to create this number of personalizations is difficult, so be sure to carefully question your desired website personalization approach, and factor resources accordingly.

  • Investment:

    As you might imagine, many of the tools offering website personalization solutions are intricately detailed and highly advanced. This level of technological development comes at a price, and website personalization tools can carry a sizeable investment of your budget. Whilst the prospects for increased ROI on these software solutions are positive, this is only achievable if your team are willing to invest more; they need to invest time and effort in maximizing their new software, which equally drives prices up, as headcount costs are considered. Without this investment and commitment, you’ll fail to gain increased online activity and conversion, immediately halting your chances of gaining positive ROI.

  • Time-consuming set up:

    Much like marketing automation solutions, website personalization can offer incredible results, but software set up can be lengthy and complicated. Organizing which personalizations you want to offer and conducting business/industry research required to strategically design winning customizations is no quick job, and certainly shouldn’t be rushed by your team. These personalizations need to be intricately executed, but time is of the essence, as you’ll no doubt be keen to start gaining results and return from your new software investment. Balancing vital and strategic setup time with the pace of business requirements for conversion results continues to challenge many teams looking to embrace website personalization.

  • Continued maintenance:

    It’s common for businesses conducting website personalization strategies to use business news to keep experiences wholly relevant, but maintaining this focus on current affairs can end up hindering your team. As news stories are so easily outdated, using them to customize webpages causes your team additional work, as they must continuously amend all personalizations offering this content (which, if conducting a detailed ABM approach, can be hundreds!). Stick to evergreen content that won’t need regularly changing or updating, saving your team time and confusion when continuously managing website personalizations.

Use the right software solution

If you’re planning to conduct an effective website personalization approach, you’ll need an exceptional software that identifies and categorizes your website visitors, to instantly offer them the bespoke online experience your team have created, without the need to rely on complicated coding or website development knowledge. This is what Webeo can do. A truly groundbreaking software, Webeo offers a simple and seamless solution to advanced website personalization, with additional reporting functionalities and A/B testing capabilities. Revolutionize your website and offer an extraordinary online experience for every valuable website visitor.