Website personalization is more than just a gimmick. It should be at the heart of your strategy and will help you yield the best results from your marketing channels. Think about the different digital marketing tactics that make up your strategy. Most, if not all of your content and campaigns will drive traffic back to your business site. When a user finds their way to your website — by engaging with your content, clicking a link or discovering you through quality digital advertising — what happens when they get there? Individualized website experiences and dynamically tailored content ensures that, when a visitor lands, they see a high-quality, easy-to-navigate website, with relevant content and an engaging experience at their fingertips.

Optimize your website to improve conversion rates

While marketing tends to be about driving traffic and generating leads, the end goal for any business is to make a conversion. Bespoke online experiences help improve every website visitor’s chance of converting. In fact, according to Evergage, 53% of personalization users say that it increases conversion rate by more than 10%. And, HubSpot found that personalized calls to actions convert 42% more visitors into leads than generic CTAs. If a website visitor receives content that is highly relevant to them or their organization, they are far more likely to sign up to a newsletter, download an asset or make a purchase. Evergage found that 51% of marketers stated increased conversion rates as a top benefit of personalization. So, if your conversion rate could do with a boost, consider prioritizing website optimization, putting your customers first and investing in online personalizations.

Reduce your bounce rate

A high bounce rate is often a sure-fire sign that something on your website isn’t working for your customers. But personalization can improve this dramatically. In fact, Deloitte found that almost half of customers reported they’d be willing to wait longer for a personalized service. This provides personalization users with the benefit of time. Website visitors are not only less likely to churn thanks to an online experience that resonates with them, but also because they are willing to spend more time on your site if they gain personalized web experience in return. BigCommerce found that personalization can reduce ecommerce bounce rates by up to 30%. And, remember, a lower bounce rate can help businesses make their way to the top of search engines like Google, too — increasing discoverability and improving your chances of getting found organically through search.

Customer retention — upselling and cross-selling

Acquiring customers should be a key part of every B2B business strategy. But often, we forget the importance of the customers we already have. They are already aware of your brand, products or services. And, your organization likely already knows valuable information about them. Personalized website content can be the difference between a one-off purchase and a life-long customer. Infosys found that 78% of consumers are more likely to be a repeat customer if you provide targeted and personalized offers. It works for house-hold names, too. Amazon — a personalization giant — sees roughly a 60% conversion rate for the products it recommends, according to Neil Patel. And, remember, impersonal approaches could cost you — according to Accenture, a third of customers have stopped their relationship with a brand because of a lack of personalization.

Improve customer experience

High-quality user experience is growing in demand. According to Temkin Group, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. Website personalization tools help B2B organizations take their customer experience (CX) up a notch. According to Evergage, 61% said personalization has helped them achieve a superior customer experience. From relevant content and appropriate greetings to personalized calls to action, your lead’s experience will be seamless across all digital touchpoints. It doesn’t only benefit the customers either — according to Segment, almost half of buyers have made impulse purchases because of a personalized experience. Impress your customers with an easy and enjoyable UX and reap the rewards.

Segment your audience and supercharge ABM campaigns

Businesses, especially in the B2B sector, often have more than one audience. They could vary in demographic, industry, or even online behavior. No matter who you are selling to, everyone will have their own unique set of preferences — B2B buyers included. And, tarnishing potential customers could do more harm than good. Especially when we learn that 44% of consumers said personalization is the key to genuine gratitude, according to TD Bank. Use behavioral targeting, segmentation or conduct an ABM strategy to achieve the most. ITSMA found that 85% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments. So, it’s time to get personal — use the data you have to give each visitor the tailored experience they demand.

Future proof your strategy

According to Retail Dive, 93% of organizations with a personalization strategy in place see a boost in their revenue. Unique website experiences are not a new idea. But B2B organizations are hugely behind the curve when it comes to providing a personalized online experience for their customers. The more technology advances, and the better quality personalizations competitors produce, the further behind you risk falling. A robust website personalization strategy can help future proof your business and marketing campaigns. Not only does it ensure you are utilizing the best in technology to yield great results, but also ensures your keep up with competitors, impress clients and meet your KPIs across the board.

As you can see, personalized marketing can benefit your business in a number of ways. Webeo is a leading website personalization software revolutionizing B2B websites as we know them. The technology works by dynamically tailoring your site based on the business visiting — thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, Webeo can serve your visitors bespoke and highly relevant content. Greet users by organization name, use language and images that match their business needs and display content that resonates with them directly. Enhance your channels, strategies and customer relationships by creating the perfect website for every visitor, every time. Discover the power of online personalization and book your free Webeo demonstration today.