Devising a marketing strategy is pivotal to your business success.  According to Marketri, 32% of companies don’t have a formal marketing strategy.  And, Marketing Week found that only 39% of marketers believe their digital marketing strategy aligns with their wider business objectives as supported by the CEO.  When establishing your marketing objectives, it is important to consider the resources you will need in place to execute them successfully. From manpower and time, to automation and budget there are many crucial factors that impact your online marketing efforts.  Luckily, in our technologically advanced world, we are able to make the most of businesses that provide services, solutions and marketing technology that can take your marketing strategy plan from good to next level.  Let’s introduce you to five industry-leading companies that can help to maximize the yield from your B2B marketing efforts.

Lead Forensics

“Turbo-charge your lead generation, identify sales leads you never knew you had and accelerate your marketing ROI.”

Lead generation is often a crucial element of a marketing plan in any business — if you don’t gain new clients, then your company will struggle to grow and expand.  Automated lead gen software can skyrocket your approach to generating leads.  According to VB Insight, 80% of marketers using automation generate more leads, and 77% convert more of those leads.  This is fantastic news for sales and marketing teams alike.  Lead Forensics works by tracking your business website and revealing anonymous website traffic.  It alerts your team in real-time, so they can reach out to visitors and strike while the iron is hot.  This maximizes your website and ensure your sales and marketing teams get to make the most of every opportunity.


“Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise.  Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”

There is so much involved in the wider marketing mix — and generally speaking HubSpot has you covered, no matter what you’re looking to streamline.  It provides software for a variety of marketing approaches; from email marketing and content management to analytics and SEO.
According to Venture Harbour, in 2017, 79% of the best-performing companies had been using marketing automation for three or more years.  And, Email Monday found that almost half of businesses use some form of email automation.  Consider implementing an everything-under-one-roof integrated marketing software solution into your strategy.  It can take entire jobs off your hands, streamline processes, save your team valuable time and help avoid human error.  What’s not to love?

IBM Watson Assistant

“More than a chatbot.”

If improving customer service and speeding up the time it takes to answer are part of your brand strategy, then is time to consider a chatbot.  Not only does it enhance these areas, but it also makes your business available 24/7, which 64% of internet users say is the best chatbot feature according to The State of Chatbots Report, 2018.  They’re growing in popularity, too — according to Gartner Report, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human agent.  Watson Assistant was developed by multinational IT leaders, IBM.  When asked a question, the assistant knows when to search for an answer from its knowledge base, as well as knowing when it is time to pass the customer on to a human.  This approach not only solves issues faster, but also makes it easier for your team to manage requests.

Google Marketing platform

“Bringing together the power of ad technology & analytics all in one place.”

If you have multiple teams working on several campaigns at once, then Google Marketing Platform is your new best friend.  It is combines advertising and analytics platforms and makes it easy for your teams to collaborate.  Like HubSpot, Google Marketing Platform automates day-to-day processes to free up your team’s time.  According to Econsultancy and IBM, 33% of elite marketers say having the right technologies for data collection and analysis is the most useful in understanding customers.  Google Marketing Platform enables users to see audience insights and share them across your team and see what is working and what isn’t.  It offers solutions for small businesses and startups, as well as advanced solutions for large enterprises.


“Evolving the way businesses maximize their website potential to drive conversions and business revenue”

According to Business2Community, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.  Webeo is a real-time website personalization software solution that tailors the content and appearance of your website based on who is visiting.  When a user lands on your site, their experience will be bespoke to the industry or company they are visiting from.  They’ll see personalized greetings, relevant content, and messages tailored to them.  Use the software to split your audiences, target ABM clients and create personalized calls to action.  Improve CRO and bounce rates, helping you make your way to the top of Google.  Increase opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, thanks to an increased understanding of user journey.  Impress first-time website visitors, loyal customers and everything in between.  Learn how to create the ultimate personalization strategy here.

Companies with great marketing strategies

The better your marketing strategy, the better your business results.  Think big-name brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Nike.  From creating brand consistency and rewarding loyal customers to creating customized and personalized brand experiences, they are leading the way in marketing, powerful marketing.  When it comes to conducting a marketing campaign, think big.  And then take it back to your strategy.  A successful strategy aligns with your goals, considers budget and puts the customer at the center of all marketing efforts.

Consider including website personalization in your business marketing strategy.  Website personalization presents incredible rewards and ROI.  Take your company website to the next level, impress prospects and maximize every opportunity.  Webeo provides real time personalization — and thanks to a global-leading IP address database your site can be tailored based on the business that is visiting, from the first engagement.  This is revolutionary for previously static B2B websites.  Discover the power of website personalization with Webeo and book your free demonstration today.