According to Eagle Eye, as many as 75% of consumers are unhappy with generic offers — and 81% consider relevance to be a key driver in whether or not they redeem an offer. But, what is relevance in marketing? What does it look like for B2B organizations in 2020? And, how can marketers curate the most relevant content, deliver bespoke experiences, and ensure their entire buyer journey — across every digital touchpoint — has personalization at its core? It’s easier than you think, entirely scalable, and can lead to enhanced marketing measurables across the board. Let’s delve into the world of real-time relevance and discover how to weave it into your B2B marketing strategy, content creation and your business website.

What it means to be ‘relevant’

We are in an era of personalization. Mass marketing is no longer the best approach — and with more data than ever before at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to execute high-quality personalized marketing approaches. By definition, relevance is all about being closely connected, related and important. But when it comes to relevance in marketing, this connection must be created between your business and its key accounts, industries and prospects on an individual level. It’s simple — the more relevant the digital experience, the personalized content and the marketing material, the more value your target audiences will find in it. So, how exactly can B2B marketers deliver these relevant experiences — especially when they typically serve multiple industries and provide several products?

Delivering relevant experiences with mass personalization

There are a number of paths to consider in the world of relevance marketing. It’s a scalable approach — enabling B2B organizations of all shapes and sizes to weave it into their digital experiences. To find out what works best for you, there are some things you must first consider. Assess your budget, your resources, and the data you currently have access to. If you’re a large organization with a sizable marketing budget, an account-based marketing (ABM) approach might work best for you. This sees your business identify specific accounts and reach out to them as markets-of-one to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

If your budget and resources are already a little stretched, then segmentation might be a more appropriate tactic for your business. Use data and insight to split your audience into groups that share similarities — like their industry, digital behavior or location — and deliver relevant content, campaigns and experiences to each of these groups. For B2B organizations that work with more than one industry, this is a cost-effective approach that saves you time in the long-run. Finally, mass personalization capabilities — through the power of innovative technology — enable businesses to create countless personalized experiences. Whether it’s email personalization technology or website software that delivers relevance in real-time, there are a multitude of softwares available to help marketers achieve success.

Create, curate and display relevant content

According to CMI, readers only spend around 37 seconds looking at a blog post, searching for the most relevant content. But, what happens when a piece of content has been designed specifically with you in mind? What if it highlights your business pain-points, provides you with industry-specific solutions, and speaks to you directly? And, how about if it’s delivered to you in real-time — with no need for you to go looking for it or input any details about yourself? Not only would you be more likely to engage and inquire, but you’ve also been provided with a simple and seamless customer experience. Creating content relevant to your audience is the number one factor when it comes to content effectiveness, according to Curata — so developing hordes of relevant content marketing with your various audiences in mind is a must for B2B marketers.

Mass-targeted websites vs personalized websites

So, what does relevance mean for the traditional B2B website? Well, it’s safe to say your static, one-size-fits-all website is no longer securing you the best results. With bespoke marketing material landing in your key decision-makers’ inboxes, highly-targeted search and social ads grabbing their attention, and a hub of personalized content helping to move them through your pipeline — a mass-targeted website is less than impressive. Not only does it have the potential to dilute your personalized marketing efforts, but it also interrupts the highly-relevant and engaging customer journey they’ve been on. Instead, your site should deliver that same level of relevance — in real-time.

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