Behind every successful organization, there’s an effective and robust marketing strategy working seamlessly in the background. While it will look different for every business, and each strategy will have slightly different end goals, there are numerous tried and tested ways to advance your approach. Take personalization for example — the growing marketing trend that skyrockets measurable results, boosts engagements and generates maximum ROI. According to Evergage and Researchscape, 74% of marketers think personalization should be a bigger priority in their organizations. And, it’s not just marketers that recognize its value. Over half of customers are likely to switch brands if a business doesn’t personalize its communications, and almost 70% expect Amazon-like buying experiences, according to Salesforce. So, how can B2B marketers maximize their strategy with personalization tools?

Designing a strategy for success

For the most impactful results, any technology or software you plan to use should be included in your strategy from the start. This way, you’ll have maximum opportunities to get the most out of the tools, be able to budget and consider your resources accordingly, and have all the insight you need to measure success effectively. Start by outlining your marketing goals. What do you want to achieve as a business? Think revenue, brand perception and business growth. Then, identify the marketing activities that will be needed to support these goals. Consider creating SMART objectives to help ensure your goals are easy-to-measure and possible to achieve.

Then, it’s time to identify where personalization can help you supercharge your results and support your goals. For example, personalized content marketing materials will boost your customer engagement and help improve your SEO ranking. A bespoke view of your business website will help to move prospects through the pipeline faster, increasing sales velocity and driving revenue quickly. Customizing your marketing journey for specific business accounts, key sectors, or buyers at different stages of the pipeline, will increase conversions and prove a strong return on your digital marketing investments. Once you’ve established the level of personalization you plan to deliver, you’ll need to discover tools to help you — from content personalization tools and mass personalization technology through to personalized email marketing and pipeline management software.

Personalizing your marketing content

So, now you know what you want to achieve. You know the marketing activities that will help you get there, the level of personalization you plan to execute and some of the tools you need to get it right. It’s time to start creating personalized marketing content and delivering effective personalized marketing campaigns to secure the best results. You’ll need a dynamic mix of content that suits the needs of your audience — from informative blog posts and relevant case studies, to engaging videos, webinars and downloadable eBooks. And, you’ll need to share it to the right platforms and marketing channels. Conduct research to get to know your audience inside-out — discover the content they want to see and engage with, and familiarize yourself with industry-specific topics, trends and pain points. Then, you can position your product or service as the ultimate solution for them.

Personalizing your website

Your website should be at the heart of your personalized marketing strategy. Think about your potential buyers. Where is the first place they’ll go to find out more about your brand and explore your products? Where will they be directed if they click on your social media links, content, or email marketing materials? And, where will they go to book a demonstration, make an inquiry, or complete an online transaction? That’s right — your B2B website is an important digital hub that has the power to influence your buyers. And, with personalization firmly in place, you have a better chance of a great outcome. According to Evergage, some of the key benefits of personalization include better customer experience and brand perception, as well as increased conversion-rates, lead generation and customer acquisition.

Website personalization tools are the key to success — enabling you to create and deliver dynamic personalization at scale. Too often, B2B marketers present one-size-fits-all websites to their prospects. But, when we consider the level of personalization being executed throughout the pipeline — a mass-targeted site can dilute the highly-personalized efforts that drew them in.

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