Innovative technology is the future of B2B marketing. It can take your measurable results to the next level, help you provide a winning customer experience, improve your existing processes, and enable you to execute a seamless personalization strategy. According to Dynamic Yield, 96% of marketers and executives believe in the value of personalization. This makes sense when we learn that as many as 58% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business, according to Salesforce. And, the results show that it works — Econsultancy found that 80% of organizations report an uplift since implementing personalization. So, how can marketers build the ultimate technology stack to execute an unbeatable personalization strategy? Let’s explore five key tools to include.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

According to Bain and Company, businesses with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries. Your existing customers should be the most important thing to your business — so optimizing and enhancing their journey is a must. CRM software helps align teams across the organization, ensuring no customer or lead gets left behind. Users can add notes, ensure actions are completed, discover the right time to reach out or follow-up — and improve customer experience along the way. Remember, in an increasingly digital world, the buyer journey isn’t exactly simple. That’s why customer and business interactions need to be seamless and personalized — across every digital touchpoint.

Website tracking software

The level of personalization you decide to embark on will depend largely on your business and the data you have access to. According to Media Math, more than half of marketers say that delivering more relevant communications and being more ‘customer-centric’ are among the most important factors driving their investment in data-driven marketing. With intelligent website tracking software in place, businesses can access hordes of useful insight and information to help them make data-driven decisions. For example, if you’re considering an industry segmentation strategy to offer personalized content and experiences to key sectors — the right website technology will identify what kinds of businesses are visiting your site. Similarly, if you’re taking it a step further and opting for an account-based marketing approach, innovative IP tracking tools can tell users when target accounts are exploring your site.


Like website tracking technology, analytics tools provide users with valuable insight. Use analytics to discover your best referrer channels — where are the majority of your audience arriving to your site from? Do they click on links via social media or find you via organic search? This will help you maximize your marketing efforts and ensure you’re creating relevant content for the right platforms. Find out how long visitors are staying on your site, what they’re engaging with and where they’re exiting. Optimize your site for enhanced discoverability across search engines, and make necessary changes to boost your website conversion-rate.

Content personalization technology

According to Luma, almost three quarters of marketers think branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements. Software for personalization is crucial when it comes to tailoring your B2B marketing content. Whether it’s email marketing messages, downloadable PDFS and guides, video marketing content, or engaging bespoke blog posts — weaving personalization throughout is a must. Innovative personalization tech will enable users to personalize content en-masse — whether that be for every recipient or viewer, for key accounts as part of an ABM strategy, or for specific segments of your audience — based on factors such as location, industry or behavior.

Real-time website personalization software

With valuable data at your fingertips, customer insight, personalized content and aligned teams, you almost have everything you need for an entirely bespoke approach. Site personalization software is the final step of your personalization strategy. Too often, B2B organizations ignore the importance of their business website — and, in turn, the role it plays in the wider personalization journey. Think about your own experience as a consumer — if you’re receiving highly-targeted content, wouldn’t you expect the website you land on to be designed with you in mind, too? A personalized website ties the entire experience together seamlessly and offers the best chance of conversion.

Webeo is an innovative website personalization software that transforms static B2B websites into dynamic, engaging online experiences for every visitor, every time. The tool utilizes a global leading database of business IP addresses, so it recognizes visitors as they land on your site and tailors the experience in real-time to meet their specific needs. Users can alter the language, imagery, content, greetings and calls-to-action displayed on their website — helping to boost conversion-rates, reduce bounce-rates, increase the time potential buyers spend on your site, and improve customer experience as a whole. Discover the power of website personalization and book your Webeo demonstration today.