As dynamic website personalization software Webeo takes home two B2B Marketing 2020 Martech Awards, the demand for personalized marketing is highlighted once again. The organization was named ‘UK-founded Martech Vendor of the Year’ and ‘Emerging Vendor of the Year (less than three years old)’, and is the first B2B personalization technology of its kind. It’s paving the way for businesses to execute highly-personalized marketing strategies, bespoke website experiences, and compete with the tailored experiences provided by the  consumer marketing sector.

The B2B Marketing 2020 Martech Awards

From 30 March 2020, The B2B 2020 Martech Awards began announcing their winners daily via social media. The awards recognize those that are ‘transforming the landscape and possibilities of B2B marketing through tech’. And so, team Webeo was thrilled to be named the winner of not one — but two — fantastic awards! The ‘UK-founded Martech Vendor of the Year’ award celebrates ‘the UK’s home-grown martech scene’ — and Webeo was recognized as the Gold Winner for factors such as its product enhancements, marketing activity, and customer engagement, to name just a few. Similarly, the ‘Emerging Vendor of the Year (less than three years old)’ award recognizes martech businesses that have ‘recently arrived’ to the market — showcasing how they’ve disrupted the market and accelerated growth.

With multiple awards in the bag for Webeo, it’s safe to say that personalization isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s only growing in demand — and becoming more important as businesses shift to an entirely digital way of thinking and working. Let’s talk about all things Webeo — the importance of B2B personalization, the way the tool works and the success stats you need to know

B2B personalization: a must for your business

The power of personalization is undisputed. Consumer businesses like Amazon are leading the way in rich, segmented personalization. And, in turn, B2B buyers expect no less. This presents a big problem for B2B marketers. They can personalize every communication — from email marketing content to individualized landing pages — but when it comes to their business website, every customer receives the same mass-targeted experience. B2B marketers spend significant budgets creating personalized account-based marketing campaigns. But, once that business follows a campaign link and hits the website — the personalization is over. Webeo, enables marketers to replicate the personalization provided by that campaign on their website, creating a powerful customer experience and an improvement in marketing metrics. In fact,
Webeo clients achieve an average of a 51% decrease in bounce rate, a 377% increase in dwell time and a 5-10% increase in lead conversion.

This increase in time spent on your site, enhanced engagement and boost in conversion-rate transforms marketing ROI. In a time where every website lead is costing more, maximizing the potential of every campaign is a must. Organic and paid search costs are increasing as the digital space becomes more cluttered and competitive. And so, standing out from competitors and cutting through the noise has never been more vital to success. When a buyer visits a brands website, marketers are presented with a powerful opportunity to engage them. Relevancy is key to every opportunity — and software like Webeo delivers this instantly.

Webeo: the award-winning brand

We’re being so much smarter with our website thanks to Webeo.” Sam Silverwood-Cope Global CMO PI-datametrics

Established in 2017, Webeo is an innovative B2B website personalization software that empowers B2B marketers to harness personalization where it matters most — on their business website. The Webeo team believes website personalization is the missing piece of the puzzle for B2B marketing success — that it’s crazy to think that marketers are personalizing their campaigns, but serving a mass-targeted experience on their website. Using IP address based AI and its own rich data, Webeo can personalize at scale — recognizing website visitors by sector, size and geographic location in real-time. This allows users to deliver bespoke experiences accordingly. And, clients can use the tool to personalize at a business level — giving ABM targets their own unique experience based on decision-maker insight, key areas of interest and their stage in the sales funnel. Plus, the tool only requires one piece of code — so it’s easy to use without the need for integration or interference.

Webeo is a dynamic personalization software that takes static B2B websites up a notch — tailoring them in real-time to meet the needs of visitors. Utilizing a global leading database of business IP addresses, Webeo recognizes the businesses that land on your site — creating the perfect website for every visitor, every time. Users can alter the imagery, language, content, greetings and calls-to-action to impress customers, potential buyers, target accounts and key industries. Boost conversions, increase the time spent on your site, reduce your bounce-rate and enhance your customer service. Want to discover the power of award-winning website personalization for yourself? Book your Webeo demonstration today!