The online experience is constantly evolving. Going back as little as ten years, we can see huge growth in the role of a company website.  What was once used as an online business card — static and one dimensional — is now an experience in itself.  Website visitors expect to see visually attractive pages, engaging video and messages, and be able to find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds.  That’s where website personalization comes in.

Most businesses are still behind the curve when it comes to site personalization — many may not even be familiar with what it is.  But it is exactly what your business needs to improve conversion rates, enhance user experience, and revolutionize your site for the personalization generation.

What is web personalization?

Website personalization is the latest evolution in website technology.  Enabling users to create a bespoke and dynamic website personalization for every one of their potential customers, it is the first step to creating the ultimate user experience.  Businesses can alter the appearance and format of their website to appeal to the specific customer using behavioral targeting.  It puts your potential customers’ wants, needs and motivators are at the forefront of your website, showing that you truly understand what your customers want to see.

This could include changing the website’s imagery and language to suit a business or sector; it could see users receiving a personalized welcome message on arrival, or a reorganization of your client roster, so the most relevant appear first. Customization is key.

Why is it important?

Personalization is everywhere.  Think Spotify, Netflix and Amazon.  Brands like these show us the content they know we want to see based on behavioral targeting.  And it works like a charm!  From the songs we listen to and the series we binge-watch to the products we place in our shopping basket, our online persona is built and continues to develop.  Companies can then use this information to tailor customers’ next online experience with them.  This makes the user feel important, and that the time they dedicated to the company was valued.

Today, internet users expect, and often demand, a personalized web experience.  Consumers are no longer silent, and instead, play a significant role in the creation of products and services.  Businesses are expected to cater to their audience’s tastes and desires.  And often expect to see backlash if customers believe they got it wrong, à la the final series of Game of Thrones receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews, or the heavy criticism of the recent animated Spyro character leading the producers back to the drawing board.

So — if your products and services are developed with your customers’ wants, needs and best interests at the forefront, why should your website be any different?

The user experience of a website can be the difference between a customer and a potential customer.  Using web personalization tools, an engaging user experience not only makes things more interesting for the customer, but it puts your business in a much better position to secure hot leads.

How does this work for a B2B website?

When you are a business selling to other businesses, your customers are usually the decision makers in the firm.  Whether you’re selling a product or a service, your website should look and feel the part as soon as a potential customer arrives.

B2B buyers have been conditioned to expect the same personalized treatment that they get while shopping on Amazon.  They want to be approached with relevant offers at the right moments, not when it’s convenient for a sales rep.”  – Justin Shriber, Vice President of Marketing for LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Solutions, Harvard Business Review

Think about who your customers are and what they do.  Does your organization work extensively in the world of aviation?  Does your product benefit the health sector?  Are your dream clients graphic designers, salespeople, or marketers?  Each of these industries and potential end-users of your product or service will have different wants, needs and interests.  If your products benefit multiple sectors — which often they will — it is important to treat each of these as uniquely as consumer brands do individual customers.

Webeo works to personalize the user experience instantly, based on the firmographics of the visitor’s business IP address — so brands can be welcomed by name, see the content that is relevant to their sector, and receive an experience more personal than your competitors might provide.

Benefits of B2B website personalization

Website personalization helps companies reap huge rewards.  Not only does it look great, make the customer feel valued, and improve your website’s user experience — there are also several other great benefits that personalization software can bring to your business:

  • First impressions count. Make an impact on potential customers in seconds with a personalized homepage!
  • Cancel the competition. Businesses are being sold to all the time, and personalization helps your company stand out from an often-saturated market
  • Reduce your bounce rate — engaged users will spend more time exploring your site
  • Increase your conversion rate and ROI. Visitors are already more engaged upon landing on your site, so are far more likely to complete whatever action you need them to take
  • Improve website optimization and SEO. Watch your website reach the top thanks to its fantastic engagement levels. And, the higher you rank on Google, the more traffic you’ll get to your site!
  • Feed visitors personalized content that they want or need to see. Decision makers are busy, and the sooner they see what they need to see, the better
  • A great website experience will likely encourage the visitor to return to the site — this will improve retention rates.

“The benefits of customer personalization go beyond simply using someone’s name. Tailoring a buyer’s experience to their specific needs and interests helps make a real connection.” – Michael Goldberg, Director of Content, Dun & Bradstreet

Every single Webeo client has reported an increase in their website conversions and an uplift in ROI as a direct result of Webeo.

Website personalization is the next evolution in the online experience, find out what Webeo can do for your business, and discover the power of personalization for yourself! Discover Webeo now.