When it comes to making purchases online, customers are no longer interested in the transaction alone.  Instead, they are looking for a great user experience (UX).  That’s what can truly make you stand out in a crowded marketplace — so you need to make sure you get it right.  According to Impact, almost 80% of people will move onto another website if they don’t like what they find on your site.  That’s a huge number — and it happens fast, too.  UX needs to be seamless.  Customers want straight-forward processes and fast answers.  They want positive customer service and personalized recommendations.  This takes time, money and effort from marketers.  And, consistency is absolutely crucial — even one slip up could wreak havoc on your reputation.  Luckily, there are hordes of high-quality software solutions available to help streamline your UX and ensure consistency across the board.

What is UX?

“As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” — Jef Raskin

User experience is all about the journey customers go on when interacting with your brand, from the moment they land on your site.  The navigation system, the design, the calls to action… is it optimized for mobile?  How fast does it load?  Are visitors receiving a personalized experience?  All of these elements impact user experience.  When UX is good, businesses see amazing results.  According to Forbes, strategic UX can raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.  But when a UX is poor, your company reputation and conversions can be drastically impacted.  Web Host Review found that 94% of users don’t trust outdated websites.  And, it’s not just about keeping your site up to date, either — 59% of people prefer a stunning website to a simple one.  If your website is behind the times, and not making users double take, then you could be losing the interest of a large quantity of your audience.

Why is a personalized user experience essential?

We are in an era of personalization.  Think about the interactions you have with your favorite brands.  Why are they your favorite?  It is likely because they provide you with a service that is easy, reliable and enjoyable.  A generic, one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is no longer enough.  Users now expect and demand a personalized experience.  If your brand is not meeting their needs, then you need to step things up.  According to Epsilon, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.  And, Segment found that more than 70% of consumers feel frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal.  Web personalization takes static websites and tailors their appearance, content, language and calls to action based on the visitor at hand.  This is especially effective for B2B organizations.  When key sectors or accounts land on your website, they will receive an experience that meets their needs.  Site personalization makes website visitors feel like your site was designed specifically with them in mind — that’s the ultimate user experience.

How your business will reap the rewards of website personalization

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” — Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

While Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth is likely talking about automobiles here, the premise remains the same.  When designing a user experience, it is crucial to put the work in at the start.  There may be some setbacks — you may be price conscious, time-sensitive or lacking in resources.  But, rushing UX now will only come back to haunt you later.  Invest in the software you need to create the ultimate experience for your customers and reap the rewards.  Whether it’s a positive online review, a mention on social media, or even a casual mention of your brand’s name to a friend over coffee — your satisfied customers are your most important asset.  Keep them happy, and your reputation will soar.

A positive user experience will also make your life easier in the long run, too.  Website personalization gives your site visitors a tailored experience, so the content they see will matter to them.  This can:

  • Reduce bounce rate by improving the time spent on your website
  • Increase conversions due to highly relevant content
  • Create more traffic thanks to improved SEO ranking
  • Further opportunities for upselling and cross-selling
  • Streamline processes so less time spent by your team helping with enquiries, etc.

Each of these benefits positively impacts your website, your user experience, and your business as a whole.

UX personalization tips

Here are three top tips to start you on your journey to personalized user experience and ensure success.

Be as personal as possible

Personalized marketing has so many benefits.  But you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  Split your audience by industry — or another segmentation model that suits your business — or select key accounts to receive personalized web content.  Serve personalization to the accounts that are most valuable to your business.

Personalize your calls to action

According to HubSpot, personalized CTAs perform more than 200% better than standard.  Personalizing imagery and content is crucial — but don’t forget your goals.  Personalization and customization encourage website visitors to convert.  Guide users through their journey, speak to them directly, and prompt them where necessary.

Don’t dismiss the importance of testing

According to UX Planet, fixing a problem after a product has been released can cost 100 times more than fixing it during the development stage.  Plan early and test everything.  Only 55% of companies are currently conducting UX testing, according to Skyhook.  Webeo enables users to split traffic and measure the impact of web personalization compared to their standard site.  This helps users know where to make changes and get to know what works best.

Website personalization software is taking B2B websites to the next level and raising the stakes when it comes to user experience.  Webeo creates personalized web pages based on the IP address of the visitor.  If you want to take your website user experience to the skies with personalization software, it’s time to discover the power of personalization with Webeo. Request your free demonstration today!